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    Oct 2002
    So with the smaller screens, what is the total cost for the projector?

    Also won't the heat from the light source have degrading effects on the LCD screen/control electronics in the long run since they are in close proximity to each other.

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    Sep 2008
    Almost the same as building 15 inch lcd projector.

    With all new parts, probably end up 15t.

    But if you are resourceful and creative, you can build it at less than 10t.

    In all elecronics parts, heat will always be the issue. Just like commercial projector, force cooling ,use of IR/UV filter and efficient box design for easy heat removal does the job.

    Again , the incentives of buidling it yourself
    1. Low bulb cost
    2. Upgradability- just change the lcd later if something alot better comes along or a better and cheap bulb is developed soon
    3. Easy servicing as you build it yourself
    4. New knowledge gain
    5. Additonal income as you can build for your friends ( Built the 10.2 inch outdoor installation for my brothers restaurant projecting 175 inches diagonal)
    6. Personal satisfaction and pride of DIY
    7. And most of all as far as I am concerned, is "worry free" operation. I used to have Infocus x1 before and always worry every time I switched on the projector that the lamp will die anytime. The lamp brightness deteriorated in less 1000 hours so i had it sold. I can now watched no matter how long it takes as the bulb is designed to operate 12-24 hours a day. Fun during family activities especially for karaoke and outdoor/backyard movie watching.

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    Sep 2008
    Its taking shape. Covers the lcd conroller board with GI sheet painted black to prevent the board form getting dirty.

    Hope to finish it by Sunday. Dimension is 20X12x6 inches. Twice the size of sone commercial projector.

    Air intake is comng from the bottom of the box to reduce light leakage.

    Bottom fresnel focal length -160mm
    Top fresnel - 330 mm
    projection lens 345mm
    Sun arc bulb- 250w

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    Jan 2003
    ang galing nito... magkano kaya aabutiin sa gastos?

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    Sep 2008
    80% complete. Tapos na siguro tom

    dimension is now 17x12x6 inches. Hopefully i can make it 15x10x6 inches.

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    Oct 2002
    Hindi na ba kailangan lagyan ng dust filter ang intake para hindi agad mag collect ng dust ang lenses?

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    Sep 2008
    yes dust filter is a must.

    almost done. Need to intall switch and projection lens and its finish. Hope to have pics tomorrow.

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    Sep 2007
    Sir pag natapos mo. Sana may ala youtube ka na type of steps. Mahina talaga ako sa mga electronics. Goodluck sir!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    aside from wasting a perfectly good lcd monitor and putting it in a box, ano ba talaga ang advantage nito right now, new projectors are currently selling at 20K+ na lang

    i used to own like 5 projectors for projector rental business. there were two or three times I earned like 30K a day for renting all 5 to 5 different weekend events. when business died down, i sold the 4 and kept the projector with the highest lumens. but even after a month or so, binenta ko din. i just can't find the time fixing the projection angle everytime i'm going to watch a movie. plus the fact that I kept on pointing the remote to the projected screen pero yun projector and player nga pala is at the back. nakakabobo grabe. watching a movie is suppose to be a relaxing experience .. nag LCD TV na lang ako hehehe

    Depends. You can use a radio based controller so pointing direction is not important. Also mounting the projector in a permanent location helps making things easier to use. Ceiling mounts have become the choice to keep the projector out of harms way yet position optimally for best viewing angle.

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    Sep 2008
    Ok here is the 175inch projected image of 10.2 lcd projector in my brother's restaurant. I designed this for him. it has a throw distance of about 20-21ft.
    The actual image is bigger than his screen.

    Went to my brother house after office hours and brought along my camera but i forgot the tripod.

    Saw alot of xutomer at the restaurant at around 7 pm.

    i look at his installation and was surprised to find the external mirror has protective glass to prevent misting/getting wet.

    Pic of installed projector with flash

    Pic of installed projector with w/o flash

    I find it hard ti take pics as I cannot stop/pause the image as customers are watching. I forgot my tripod and below is the best pics of moving image shots taken w/o tripod

    my brother in pics

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