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    Oct 2006
    I would recommend del or apple w/ intel duo core...though IBM ang gamit ko, yan ang next kong kkunin...

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    Jun 2003
    horsepowah, pareply na lang. sent you email. thanks!

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    Jun 2006
    *Kimpoy: papadala ko na po sir. Thanks for waiting :D

    *Cardo; thanks sir, ise-send ko na po.
    Thanks :-)

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    Nov 2006
    anything but dell... masisira ulo ko... dalawang notebook namen dati dell blue screen galore and parang laging mainit... wawa.... yun toshiba satellite namen na nahuli lang ng konti sa del mas better working pa...


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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by cardo View Post
    Hey guys

    tsikot laptop gurus, please bless me with your knowledge

    What can you guys recommend having the best package(games, internet, for office use)? Can I get a 2.33 intel core duo at this price? I'm looking for those mid level to high level brands(as long as within price range hehehe)

    ALIENWARE. No contest.

    Meron sa CoolToyz. Simply teh best notebook for your budget.

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    Dec 2005
    Try toshiba sa, especially yung cutomizable. I have a toshiba, now on its third year, ala pang problema. Anyhow get the core 2 duo for that amount. It's a bit expensive here in Pinas. If you really want something that "kicks" try to look for the specs na available sa US, P100k is more than 2K sa US. Napakagandang laptop na yan

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    Jun 2006
    GerardT: Sir baka natapat ka lang s bad model (or lemon unit). Kasi yung big shot companies na clients ko, SGEI, Napocor, SBM, (sori di ko pwede banggitin ata yung ibang mas big shot hehe) lahat dell kinukuha sa akin. Wala pa naman akong naging major problem except one time yung fan ayaw umikot ng mabilis, so pinalitan ko, after 2days nasa akin na ulit unit. So far un lang po. Nothing major. I sell Apple also pero yung former model ng macbook (the core duo) 5 na po ang nag-blackout na lang bigla (as in dead unit), ayaw mag-on na ulit. Good thing ok ang warranty ng Apple kaya palit agad. Kaya laging latest model lang benta ko eh. Macbook Core2 Duo na benta ko ngaun. So far, it's good.

    *Kikkoman: Alienware is ok but overkill and Dell has better and much cheaper units (i.e. XPS). Also, Dell owns Alienware they bought it out sometime ago. I also carry Alienware (brand new ones only) if you desire for one. :-)

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    Jun 2006
    *RedBureaU; if i may reply to your statement, you are right mas mura po talaga sa US (which really drives me nuts thinking as to why since nandito manufacturing plants nila sa Asia so dapat mas mura dito).

    Anyway, the only issue you'll encouter with US or any imported unit for that matter is the warranty and the local "distributors" are often just franchisees, not the brand branch themselves so they're not so eager to (if they will honor) give warranty to overseas sourced unit.

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    Oct 2003
    sa office namin we have a global account sa dell, we get our dell sa dell malaysia directly. ang laging nasisira yung keyboard and yung combo drive nya. i have a good experience sa acer and toshiba.

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    Oct 2006
    i would recommend Toshiba Satellite series, we've been using that brand since late 90's pa, and its the only brand we tested that can withstand hot and humid environment like those in bottling and canning plants. Even French programmers who come here sa Pinas to commission their huge equipments uses toshiba.

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