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    Oct 2002
    I saw this JUICE Website while browsing for new things...

    this is supposed to launch October 1.

    So what you do you think? For techie guys out there... is this possible?

    The firm is from UK: "JUICE is brand new and is set to take the world's Internet by storm and will change it forever. If you have Internet now and you think it is good just wait until JUICE launches in October 2004, it'll blow your mind. "

    Transform your dialup to faster than broadband and ADSL speeds
    Any PC or Mac with 9,600kbps modem upwards can use JUICE
    Revolutionary unique technology. Easy to install and simple to use
    Works with any internet connection and modem in any country
    No cabling, engineers and no need to alter you PC
    No contract or fees ever…… Guaranteed!
    The ONLY alternative to broadband and it’s for FREE!
    It costs nothing. Zero! Zip! Nada! It's FREE!

    Click H E R E


    What is JUICE?

    JUICE is the solution for millions of Internet users who are frustrated by having a slow Internet connection and is the ONLY real alternative to Broadband. JUICE offers a revolutionary and unique internet service to anyone who wants to experience it, world wide and for FREE.

    JUICE is 4 times quicker than broadband and 40 times faster than dial-up however, the best thing is it's totally FREE and available via any telephone line worldwide.

    It is revolutionising the way millions of people are connecting to the Internet. It is unique and takes 1 minute to install and is very easy to use.

    No more Internet bills or call charges, ever again.

    All you need is a telephone line to get JUICE broadband for FREE.

    Don't compare this service with any other similar sounding one. JUICE offer a revolutionary, unique service that does not reduce the quality of the pages you surf whilst giving you a blistering 2MB (2000kbps) connection for FREE.

    This is better than broadband. It's faster and cheaper than broadband and it's totally 100% FREE.

    If you are currently paying for ADSL/Broadband or for call charges via dial-up then JUICE is definitely for you. You can cancel your existing broadband connection and use JUICE without paying the standard monthly rental or call charges on dial-up. JUICE is the only FREE for all service.

    That's right you don't have to pay for broadband any longer! It's FREE.

    Upgrade your existing slower ADSL/Broadband or dial-up to a blistering 2MB for FREE and keep your existing email address.

    This offer is open to Internet users world wide. Wherever you live, you can now get a JUICE broadband connection without paying for it.

    All you need is a telephone line.

    No wires. No engineers. No need to alter your PC and No CHARGES!

    JUICE is a software download which utilises a unique 23 patent approved compression technology that increases your existing Internet connection speed to way past faster than broadband.

    State-of-the-art data compression, byte stream and ultimate data burst technology now guarantees every Internet user an unbelievable lightening connection speed of 2MB.

    When and how can I get JUICE?

    JUICE is being BETA tested right now and will be released to the Internet community in October 2004 at which time there is going to be a huge scramble for the service. It is recommended that you register for one of the 80 million FREE accounts before general release.

    The first release of JUICE in October will be restricted to 80 million users as a SPECIAL OFFER. Anyone joining after the 80 million mark may be charged a monthly fee of £2.99 GBP. Visit the customer sign up page to find out if you are one of the lucky people who can get JUICE FREE for life NOW.

    JUICE affiliates will be notified on a weekly basis of the number of accounts remaining when we approach the last remaining 10 million FREE accounts, but for now make the most out of this opportunity and make yourself a lot of money.

    Why and when do I need JUICE?

    JUICE has been invented to speed up any Internet connection, whether you use it at home on the move or in the office, it has been created to make your Internet experience pleasurable for browsing and receiving emails.

    JUICE doesn't only rival broadband - it's faster and available for FREE beating it hands down.

    You can use JUICE to:

    Speed up a dialup connection to over broadband speeds for FREE.

    Speed up a broadband connection to 2MB for FREE.

    Save money by disconnecting broadband and using JUICE for FREE.

    Make your Internet experience more pleasurable.


    Click H E R E and check this out. Who knows, 2 mbps using dial up lines may be with us come October 1...

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    Oct 2002
    is it really possible? afaik, a factor in dial-up internet connection is modem speed. are there dial-up (PSTN) modems now in the market having that speed capability?

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    Aug 2004
    this technology is really mind bogging considering the claims of the company.... but if this is really true then internet will evolve and be a notch higher, in terms of technology. and if it's true that this will provide free broadband to anyone who wishes to use it then maybe they will revolutionize the internet industry. i'm crossing my fingers come october 1, kasi i also joined this juiceboosted thing! dami ko na commissions, hehehehe! as in 2,000+ british pounds na! sana nga lang totoo! but anyways, libre naman pagsali, this will be a good laugh for me kung di man ito totoo! sali na din kayo or if you want more info... click here===>>>Free Broadband Philippines have a nice day peeps!!!
    Last edited by sarge200; August 12th, 2004 at 03:00 PM.

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    Apr 2004
    sabi sa isang board scam daw yan.

    visit :

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    Oct 2002

    please edit your sig.that size is not allowed and promoting using the signature is prohibited too.

    thank you.


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    Oct 2002
    sarge200::: Kindly check you Private Message window.

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    Aug 2004
    Memo received!!! Actions taken..... sowee guys! Ang kikisig at alerto pala ng mga moderators natin.... anyways, i still think this juice thing is true!!! look at all the advertising you are getting in the pinoyforums... daming kulay orange ano? i smell JUICE!!! lolz, sali na rin kayo!!! =>> Free Broadband Philippines

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    Aug 2003
    fsck, this is a load of crap. if something seems like its too good to be true, than it most probably is.
    Last edited by roninblade; August 12th, 2004 at 03:44 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    sarge200::: Thank you.

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    Aug 2004
    a good driver always obey traffic rules!!! honk! honk! :D

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2 mbps thru dial-up internet connection, possible?