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    Oct 2002
    he just extended his contract till 2006. so have the boys in ferrari (toft, byrne, brawn, etc).

    good news for ferrari fans i guess. 8)

    as a mclaren fan (kimi rin), gusto ko iba naman manalo instead of schumi (sorry ferrari fans :mrgreen.

    but at least we can get to see more racing action from the world champion and new boys kimi, fernando, jpm and jenson. as a racing fan, i would like that more than a handout from a retired schumi, diba? :wink:

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    Oct 2002
    Yup i totally agree!!!!at least nde pro sana 3 yrs..tpos ala jordan babalik ulit ehehehe:roll::wink::D

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    Oct 2002
    I think it's definitely better to extend a contract than to retire and return. Si Jordan nagkaproblema na kasi out of shape, kung nag-extend siguro siya mas na-preserve yung form niya.

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    Dec 2002
    At least he can still have the chance of proving himself na kahit anong challenges (like rule changes, Ferrari introduced a new car and the influx of younger and better drivers), this is his chance of proving that he is the real champ.

    look at the current standings, it's been a long time that we've seen close battle for top positions in both drivers and constructors category....oh di ba? At least the excitement is always there, unlike in the past, halfway pa lang ng GP year predictable na agad yung winners!

    Can't always wait to see the next race!!!

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    Oct 2002
    I totally agree with Bossing Vhenok,

    Last year was very predictable.

    This year eh parang labo-labo. Di pa natin alam kung sino ang magiging world champion.

    FIA is pretty lucky with the rule changes that they introduced this year.

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    Oct 2002
    > FIA is pretty lucky with the rule changes that they introduced this year.

    I think even without the rule changes it would still be good. IMO the rule changes are a knee-jerk reaction to last year's Ferrari rollover, and I feel a good lot of them are not detrimental to F1. The points system for instance, puts much less importance on winning races. Raikkonen sat on top of the championship points mostly with consistent second places.

    Last year, a team getting 2nd and 3rd would have just as many points as the team who got only the top step of the podium, but now getting 2 cars to finish is more important than getting one car to win.

schumi a ferrari man for 2 more years