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    Oct 2002

    While many of his MotoGP colleagues were back on their bikes this week in Spain at the Valencia test, World Champion Valentino Rossi was busy on four wheels as he undertook another test in Ferrari's F1 car back in his native Italy.

    On Wednesday the Doctor drove the Ferrari on the prestigious Italian car manufacturer's own test track in Fiorano, clocking up around 40 laps. He then headed to Mugello on Thursday, a track he knows perhaps better than any other having taken four consecutive wins there in the MotoGP class.

    It was the third time that Rossi has tested with the 'Prancing Horse' brand. On both days the seven-time World Champion drove Ferrari's 2004 F1 prototype. The Italian will swap back to two wheels by the end of the month as he starts Yamaha's winter testing programme at Sepang, Malaysia, kicking off his preparation for the 2006 season in which he will bid to retain the title in the premier class for the sixth consecutive year.
    mukhang desedido na si rossi sa F1 ah. hindi kaya masayang lang ung career niya?
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    Oct 2002
    we'll never know till the season starts...cant wait!!

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    Nov 2002
    Michael Jordan didn't succeed in baseball. He was only a bench warmer in the MINOR League. Rossi doesn't seem to believe in such a thing. Besides, he'll be switching to just a different kind of motorsport. He himself admitted that racing cars are his real dream. It just turned out he was so brilliant in motorcycles as well, but he still wants to try out 4 wheels. Mario Andretti was also successful in various kinds of racing, which may have added to Rossi's inspiration to give F1 a shot.

    It would be really nice to see him triumph here. If he makes a good impression in Ferrari, he'll probably replace Schumacher once and for all. If he doesn't succeed, there's always a bike waiting for him.

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    Jan 2005
    there's also WRC for rossi. it'd be nice.

    other sportsmen have made transitions naman with success. like luc alphand who was a downhill skier, now mitsubishi rally raid works driver.

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    May 2005
    The fact that Rossi is a repeat tester with Ferrari, would probably mean that he got what it takes to be driving an F1, otherwise why would Ferrari put up with the cost of several testing sessions if talent wasn't evident.

    But I dont believe in "champions" moonlighting towards other sports (beyond their speciality, of course exception applies). Its just like saying Michael Schumacher can suddenly go to the NBA or WWF and continue his winning streaks theren too without skipping a beat. ;)

Rossi takes third test with Ferrari