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    Sep 2003
    hello mga sirs

    what do you think? ok lng ba o medyo ricey ba ang dating? Sira na kse ang front seat ko pati ang dalawang headrest. May offer kasi sa amin yung mga r-spec brand na seats at 13 k/pair. Di ba parang ricey masyado? Ok lng ba to for daily driving?


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    Oct 2002
    Hindi naman ricey. Basta siguro ok ang colors. Racing seats are usually vastly superior to OEM seats in terms of comfort and support.

    Then there's also the safety aspect. Racing seats restrain you head better in case of a rear end collision. And mas resistant sila to falling backwards (due to recliner latch failure) then OEM seats. Some racing seats do not even have recliners.

    Ok bang brand ang R-Spec?
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    Dec 2002
    What shop carries the R-spec seats? Made where?

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    Oct 2002
    well, as far as its original function goes, i don't think you'll be racing your pickup so you might get those 'ricey' comments. plus, i'm not sure you'll be taking hard corners with your truck suspension and high center of gravity.

    that said, racing seats do add some margin of safety, so it's at least useful for that. and if you just like the feeling of the seat snugly fitting you, then more power to you - the only problem is that really fat people can't drive/sit in your truck anymore ;)

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    Oct 2002
    di ba masakit sa pwet ang racing seats for daily driving?

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Olive Drab
    di ba masakit sa pwet ang racing seats for daily driving?
    depende...if we're talking the full-out racing shells, yes, you could say they are uncomfortable for daily driving because they have little padding, plus their side bolsters are relatively high.

    the sport seats (like the recaros) are actually very ergonomic and very comfortable - but super expensive

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    Jun 2003
    sir kung pa ayos nyo na lang po ...ipa pseudo leather least stock pa rin tignan mas mura pa

racing type seat on pickups?