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    Jun 2009
    nakakainis naman. interview na nung nagising ako... basa na lang din ako sa internet..
    question is sino kaya ang mananalo sa sunod na race..

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    Sep 2003
    May malaking sunog sa Williams Pit garage after the win. Started daw sa KERs unit ni Senna.

    Schumi recieves 5 grid penalty for forgetting to brake behind Senna. Iba na talaga mga 40s...
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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    I wanna see Schumi winning yet again at the Monaco grand prix tapos si Kimi naman sunod.
    Most probably not this year, bro...

    5 grid penalty si MS dahil sa pagkakabundol niya kay BS....


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    Nov 2010
    Nice win from PM, hindi kinaya habulij ni Alonso. Kimi was also a few more laps from taking the fight to them, mga 5 more laps an he could have been the winner.

    Yari si Schumi ah.

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    Aug 2004
    Schumi really f***ed up there. Even had the brass to call Senna an idiot.

    Senna defended on the inside, but left one car's width on the inside... then took a legal move back to the racing line, leaving the legal one car's width on the outside... Schumi feinted inside, feinted outside, forgot what he was doing and drove straight down the middle of the road into Senna. That five place penalty is too light... for dangerous driving, ten should be the norm.

    Great race for Pastor... terrific strategy for Williams... too bad about the fire... but it didn't appear to start under Bruno's car (which is mostly in one piece) from some of the video stills it started as an electrical fire in the back... but we'll wait for word.


    Shame about Lewis' race. Amazing driving to get that car up past Button from very last... and on a two-stop strategy versus the three-stops everyone else was doing... Vettel managed to do a good job of recovering from that drive-through penalty, too.

    Button, Webber, and most of all, Massa... all seemed out of it today. Not a good day to be a number two on a big team, as the other teams were all up in their arses.


    Only one other thing to say about this race... Kamikazeee Kobayashi! Banzai! Yatta!!!!!!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Nov 2006
    hehehe.. did i say it or what? FIVE different winners from FIVE races! sarap!
    nagpuyat pa ako para makanood. kasunod nya lang yung finals naman ni Fed
    at Berd kaso di na kaya ng mata ko.
    sana si KIMI na sa Monaco! yahooo!

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    Oct 2011
    Is F1 heading for a calendar problem?

    2012 marks the eleventh consecutive season in which there has been at least one calendar alteration compared to the previous season. This year Formula One welcomes the United States back after a five year hiatus, Bahrain returned after a one year break due to political instability, while the circus has waved goodbye to Istanbul Park and the majestic Turn 8.

    Over the weekend, spectator numbers were significantly down at the Circuit de Catalunya. Prior to the arrival of Fernando Alonso, the grandstands were fairly empty as Formula One was not a popular spectator sport in Spain. Even today there are five MotoGP races – heavily attended – on the Iberian Peninsula.

    Features | Is F1 heading for a calendar problem?

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    Oct 2011

    How to drive an F1. What are the funcstions of the above buttons and switches?

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    Dec 2005

    Reminder,- another race weekend (in the Principality of Monaco) ahead....


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    Oct 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by CVT View Post

    Reminder,- another race weekend (in the Principality of Monaco) ahead....


    sino ang manok mo sa monaco brad?

FIA Formula 1 Championship 2012