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    Oct 2002
    Napanood nyo ba?

    here's my take on the race:

    Kawawa si Kimi. He surely could've won that. But that's racing. Did you see him push the marshalls assisting him to get out of the car. hehe! dun ko lang siya nakitang naasar. pero when he got back to the pits, ok na ulit.

    Montoya's pass on Schumi was absolutely great! Nagpanic ata si Schumi kaya nabangga. JPM gave him enough room and he didn't make the most out of it. IMO, marshalls shouldn't have given schumi a push to get back into the race

    Alonso was insane! it was smart of him to brake mid-corner on the coca-cola curve when both DC and Schumi were close behind. But that early braking move before the NGK chicane was uncalled for. sana ma-tanggal sa kanya yung 4th place nya to teach him a lesson.

    Another retirement for villeneuve. He really seems unimpressive this season not only because of the car, but also because of so many spins. during the race, he spun after overtaking the minardis and had to overtake them all over again as a result. Although you can't deny that he has an impeccable ability to come back after a spin (Canada qualifying and Nurbirgring race)

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    Oct 2002
    yup panuod ko with a few f1 friends :D

    sayang nga si kimi...should have been his race. he was running away with it...too bad. for sure he'll be fired up next week

    nice move by montoya on schumi :D caught him asleep hehehe. made my day after kimi blew his engine i agree that schumi shouldn't have had outside help when he spun (german in germany kse??)

    alonso...hmm.....nagdadalawang isip na ako sa abilidad nya e. it was a bad move imho. he could have kept dc behind by some other means....a desperate attempt probably. (im no dc fan but alonso's move was just plain crazy!!!)

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    Oct 2002
    logbook, sorry for leaving early. sobrang dismayado ko sa nangyari kay kimi! kahit sa work today yun parin naiisip ko! there are alot of "what if...". If kimi won then schumi would be sixth instead of fifth. so he could have been te leader of the chamionship again! a champion's drive until it lasted! foot-ng-ina talaga! pakshet!

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    Oct 2002
    nagulat siguro si schumi kay montoya kaya nabangga... ako rin nagulat eh, one moment nothing was happening, the next moment he was right on schumi's outside!

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    Oct 2002
    arghhh di ko napanood race, i was at daraitan off roading, my other favorite motor sport

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    Oct 2002
    oks lang paul....bad trip nga e...bigla na lang sumabog yung engine...kainis.

    pero fun yung spin out ni schumi! hehe....gulat nga din ako dun e...

    really itching for the next race!!!!

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    Oct 2002
    hehe! sa totoo lang nakatulog ako sa middle ng race tapos biglang sumigaw na lang si chris goodwin, nagising tuloy ako. never blinked an eye after that.

    sana weekend na!!!

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    Dec 2002
    ok nga next race, this week agad, di na tayo wait for another 2 wks...

    For sure, its payback time for Kimi & schumi....ratratan to...

    Can Ralf continue his with JPM...

    IMO, I admire Alonso for his gutsy moves at an early age....kaya lang na-turnoff ako last Sunday in that crazy move...very unsportsmanlike, buti na lang experienced driver si DC kaya di grabe. Imagine, you can see him literally flying with his car in F1 speed...whheeww, that's total control men!

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    Jan 1970
    hehehe, di ko na panood.
    if you know kelan replay, post naman.

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    Oct 2002
    much props to's good to see someone willing to challenge the mighty MS straight up and not be intimidated.

    now that schumacher is consistently challenged by two young guys (kimi also), hopefully we'll have much more excitement than last year's (boring) F1 season...

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