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    Oct 2002
    Attention Sim Racers!

    Please download netKar, a free driving simulation.

    For people who know me, you guys know I don't like arcade games much, and I really go for realism when it comes to driving programs. This is a great piece of software, and the most fun I've had since Grand Prix Legends.

    Before anything else, here's the website address:

    Right now there are three cars:

    Formula Renault
    Toyota Supra
    MG (something, I don't remember)

    What is so great about this program is how REALISTIC it is. A russian who races in the touring car competion (in Russia), and some guys who have driven a Formula Renault say this is probably one of the most realistic simulations they have tried.

    There are still some bugs, and you can't really compete against any AI/computer opponents. In fact, you can only go solo driving going lap after lap after lap.

    Considering that's all you can do, I can personally say I haven't had this much fun since Grand Prix Legends. So far, I've only really driven the Formula Renault.

    Post your comments here after.



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    Oct 2002
    dude, post mo din yan sa kotse! :D

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    Oct 2002
    I've been very busy with work, and even my playing time of GPL/netKar/anything is quite limited. Keeping up with the many message boards is eating up my time, so I have consciously made the decision to just stick to one message board na lang. And even then, I probably just check it once a day, for about 30 minutes.

    Then my conscience tells me that I have to get back to work (or back to my rackets para mabili ko yung dream steering wheel/pedal combo ko from BRD). So, na lang ang board na tini-tingnan ko. Feel free to re-post it in the other message boards, though.


Attn: SIM RACERS. Please try netKar