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    Massa has all the bad luck again. And Kimi has all the stupidity (sorry KR fans). My heart bleeds for Felipe. But nice to see Fernando back on top.

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    Jan 2004
    It was really wasted... considering he was on a pole position... all works gone to waste - due to that error (embarassing error actually)

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    Sep 2005
    Nasayang lang pole position ni FM.

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    Apr 2008
    maging wake up call na sana sa ferrari yan,kung gs2 p nilang mgchampion ayusin nila trbaho nila,big fan ako ng ferrari,pro kung ganyan sila plagi sobrang nakakainis!!

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Congrats to Nico for his first hard-earned podium finish!
    Nico finished P3 in Australia this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by sherwinlou View Post
    bat kc nd p ibalik ng ferrari ung lollipopman,badtrip!
    they did revert back to using the lollipop during the 2nd pitstop.

    the lollipop man/chief mechanic is still there. he's in charge of the override switch for their lights system.

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    Dec 2005

    A forgettable night vs. Ferrari.....

    It looks like FA is on the comeback trail....


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    Sep 2003
    Congratulations Alonso! To be fair Ferrari particularly Massa should have had the Singapore race in the bag if it werent for the shunt of Nelson Piquet and the bad luck or technical snafu that happened during his (Massa's) Pitstop.

    I admit Fernando Alonso's win had a bit of luck in it but we'll never know if he really had the pace (looking at it during Friday practice) since he's car broke down during qualifying.

    As for Ferrari they really should take a hard look at any technical innovations they put in they're car and processes during the season. Introducing enhancements cuts both ways and some of the advantages might be good but it is also true that any changes made to a smoothly running "system" can wreak havoc until all the bugs are ironed out. The question is can Ferrari afford to lose points while they debug they're "enhancements" ??

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    Sep 2005
    Stupid ferrari they just widen the 1 point gap. Poor FM, SC would not have spell disaster on FM had ferrari's pit doing their job.

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    Nov 2005
    FA is really awesome when in comes to street circuit. a 2 time winner in monaco... night race is still not as comfortable as daytime IMO esp on streets

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    May 2005
    This Singapore GP is a shet!! There's no better word for it.

    Save for Paula Malai Ali, who was gorgeously hot, these nutcracks at ESPN/StarSports spent an entire 2 hours showing Singapore GP featurettes, then started showing football as soon as Qualifying started! What the hell? I mean, who gives a f u c k about Chelsea????

    Then come race day, these Scuderia scarlet dingbats screwed up the pitstop all over again. Why don't they just sign-up Christian Albers? Atleast the guy knows how to carry that fuel hose with poise, all the way to the race circuit. I timed their response, it took them 12 seconds to react and run toward Massa at the end of the pitlane! By that time, Massa wa finished! And as expected, once you start thinking that the Iceman would never make it to the chequered flag .... what do you know, he never made it! I'm sure the unforgiving Tifosi in Italy would skin him alive back in Maranello. I doubt Raikkonen is psyched up to drive his best for a Constructor's Championship goal in Fuji. He's all downhill from this point till Brazil.

    Going back to Fernando the original cry-baby, it's amusing he was lambasting his car when it gave up on him during Qualifying. He said, "The race is over! It's finished!". So what did good 'ol Flavio pulled out from his sleeves? He deliberately made Nelson Piquet Jr. crash into the wall to trigger the safety car just as Fernando was nearing the pitlane exit! What a perfect maneuver, eh? After the race, Flavio told the media that the safety car was for Rubens! Haha, nice try Paps!

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