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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Schumi was very gracious in accepting his loss. You know he must have been screaming inside, but he was smiling ang hugging his pit crew and people.
    It was a blown engine. There was nothing he can do.

    But i think the perfect example this season which shows Schumacher's maturity was the way he handled the Monaco stalled car controversy. He didn't trade barbs with his detractors in the media. He simply started at the back of the grid and stormed his way to the front using superb driving.

    Compare that with Alonso who said earlier that he contemplated of not driving at all as a sign of protest when the stewards penalized him for blocking Massa at the Italian GP.

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    Oct 2002
    Yup... this might be the last year that Alonso will be competitive for a long time.

    With the emergence of Honda, BMW and even Williams during the later part of the year as potential contenders - McLaren would have a difficult time next year. Not to mention that Michelin would be pulling out also next year.

    Though even will all this - you can't take the fact away that Alonso is one heckuva good driver.

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    Dec 2005
    Bad day (and year) for Ferrari.

    MS's actions after the incident,- waving to the fans, and shaking hands/hugging the Ferrari TEAM, et al, were indeed noteworthy!


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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    Actually the Suzuka circuit is owned by Honda. Next year's Japanese GP will be held at Fuji, which is Toyota owned.
    Yes,- I meant Japan for the homecourt advantage.


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    Jan 2006
    After overtaking Ralf schumacher at lap 14 and an amazing first pitstop that puts him ahead of Massa i would say its a combination of luck, superb driving and strategy that made FA and the renault team win the race.

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    Sep 2003
    Ehem... Ehem... where to begin? First off no matter how hard I wish to defend my pro-Alonso brethren
    on the previuos thread (Chinese GP) I could not since I was not able to watch that race (no thanks to
    Milenyo) and giving an opinion based on facts I read of the event would be unjustified.

    However pro-Ferrari fans seems to have come out of the woodwork on that thread with opinions ranging
    from objective criticism of Alonso and Renault to downright speculation based not on facts but pure wishful thinking.
    This particular gem from the previous thread I wish to quote here:

    Alonso only wasted his engine in the final laps, that's the only thing he accomplished. But I can understand why he did that --
    he wanted to be as close to Schumacher as possible in the hope that he can induce Schumi to panic and make a driving error.

    But he was simply too far to make any difference. And in fact, evenif Alonso caught up with Schumi, I am sure Michael can block him
    for 3 more laps and still win the GP (remember, they are driving on the dry racing line to avoid a spin, so Alonso doesn't have much room to overtake anyway).

    So tactically speaking, ALonso's "driving-like-hell" effort was foolish.
    So I guess in retrospect, Alonso did a better job of managing his engine than Schumacher did eh???? The problem
    with mouthing things like this before the fat lady sings is that you kind of look funny if things go the other way.

    So basically with no opinion on offer I just let the Ferrari fans talk and spin they're yarn. Soon enough I thought they'll
    make enough rope... to hang themselves. And none to soon.

    The Japanese Grand Prix is the proverbial Alonso race as it where. His skill and finesse under pressure showed through
    in this race with flying colors. He showed who was the boss in this race and even though he was under immense
    media flak he not only nailed the final lid on Schumacher's coffin, he put a 10 ton pile of bricks on top
    of it to ensure the "legend" does not rise again from the grave.

    His drive was both masterful and intense , the same drive he did to Raikkonen in 2005 that made the Finn DNF
    on the penultimate lap, but this time he did it to Schumacher, proving once and for all that his 2005 win was not a one off.

    Also notable was the absence of the pit crew who put on Alonso's right rear tire on this race. And guess what? No
    more wheel nut problems !!! Renault may be naive, but they are not stupid. You foul up once in Hungary fastening the
    wheel nut, maybe but doing it again in China that cost them 10 seconds in the pits was I think rightly suspicious so
    I am more in favor of kicking this sucker out of the pits. Makes you wonder who really was giving this guy's payroll....

    Anyway, Schumacher was due for a DNF anyway, it was just a matter of time, soon your luck just runs out...
    Which emphasized what I have been saying in the past again and again. Schumacher blundered mightily in Hungary.
    He threw away the only oppurtunity he had to regain the 2006 title. He paid for it then and he is still paying for it
    now. If he played it safe in Hungary and did not play tag with Heidfeld back then, he wouldnt be looking at the
    10 points gap he has now.

    So Alonso is in cruise mode now. They will all have (Ferrari and Renault) new engines in Interlagos, and all he has
    to do is to be among the top 5 when the chequered flag is raised and he will have this season in the bag. I think
    even Schumacher can do the math here as seen in his face when he came out of his smoking car.

    Ferrari and the FIA can do all they want for they're "hero" to give him a sendoff they think he deserves. Heck they've
    been fudging with the numbers ever since Monza to even the score but I think its pretty hard to pull a rabbit out of
    the hat this time. Schumacher's DNF made sure of that. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Har har ...

    BTW. I saw Alonso hug and congratulate his team and pit crew before he
    went to the podium. I am all for Schumacher's graciousness here but
    c'mon folks nobody seem to have seen that. Where was the pit crew/FA
    tension and schism evrybody here was talking about? I never saw that.

    Whose whining now??? I think Ferrari/MS fans are just sour-graping. tsk tsk tsk

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    Jul 2006
    Yeah your correct with the Hungary fiasco...

    If he has pitted right away to change tires... even if he goes down 2-3 places... he still should had points... or in a Schumi's competitive mind, he can even out manuever those inexperienced drivers to regain the top 2 of the race... Anyway, 8-all sila parehas so I will just pray that Schumi wins the Brasilian GP and Alonso either has a blown engine, an out of the Top 10 finish... or some gracious driver to bump him out of contention... I would prefer the last one to happen so that I can see FA whining again!

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    Oct 2002
    jeff1101, I think you are the one who is whining and how can you tell that MS fans are sour-graping?

    as for me I'm an F1 fan regardless of who the driver is. but alonso really sucks! his attitude is truly of spanish origins tsk tsk tsk. LUCKY for him MS's ferrari engine blew or else we will hear a lot of alonso's whining on the news. i would have loved to hear his excuses blah blah blah

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    Sep 2003
    I would prefer the last one to happen so that I can see FA whining again!
    jeff1101, I think you are the one who is whining and how can you tell that MS fans are sour-graping?
    Oh many will be whining after the Brazil race I assure you.
    But it wont be Schumacher and it wont be Alonso... :naughty2:

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    Jan 2006
    actually im the one to blame why MS DNF the race bec. right from the very start i've been hoping and praying earnestly for MS engine to blow up and to my surprise it did.

    Hay!!!! maybe those schumi fans can do the same starting today

    good luck

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