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    Franklin Graham
    I was in the Rose Garden for the announcement that President Trump was nominating Amy Coney Barrett as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Tonight, the Senate approved her, and she was confirmed in that same spot. We thank God that another conservative, pro-life judge is now a membour country. This makes three originalist justices that President Donald J. Trump has added to the highest courter of the Supreme Court—this is an answer to prayer for our country. This makes three originalist justices that President Donald J. Trump has added to the highest court in the land, and this will impact our nation for decades to come.
    Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as supreme court justice - live | US news | The Guardian

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    Americans worried about Election Day violence and chaos are buying guns and toilet paper

    Most experts predict scattered violence is the worst the United States could experience this Election Day, given isolated incidents that have already taken place this year. But across the country, Americans like Converse are stocking up and preparing to hunker down to ride out a possible wave of sustained election-related chaos. They are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers and getting ready to peel off political bumper stickers and yank out yard signs to make themselves less of a target in case the other guy wins. Some are fleeing for remote areas or custom-built bunkers.
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    Mas interesado ako sa mangyayari sa US election kesa sa Angat dam

    months ago i predict magkakagulo... that this won't be like previous US elections

    prediction ko there will be violence and/or no president-elect after Nov 3

    if Trump loses he will try to discredit the election

    he will blame his loss on cheating sa mail voting

    dadalhin niya ito sa Supreme Court (kaya nagmadali siya ilagay sa SC is Amy Coney Barret para mas madami justices kumampi sa kanya)

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