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    Sep 2003

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    Sep 2003
    BREAKING: Metrobank founder George Ty dies | Inquirer Business

    Business icon and philanthropist George Ty, founder of the Metrobank group, passed away after several months of battling pancreatic cancer.

    Ty, 86, who built a fortune out of banking and automotive manufacturing, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer six months ago, industry sources said.

    “It is with deep sadness that we announce the peaceful passing of our beloved Founder and Group Chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty.
    He was surrounded by family and loved ones at the time,” Metrobank said in a statement late Friday.

    He was the country’s ninth wealthiest man with an estimated net worth of $2.75 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

    Memorial services will start on November 25, 2018 at the Heritage Park, Taguig City.

    As a young man, Ty managed Wellington Flour, the business of his father. Seeing how difficult it was for businessmen like himself to get loans from banks, he dreamed of setting up his own. He obtained a license in 1961 and opened Metrobank in Binondo in 1962. Metrobank is now among the country’s largest banks, with total assets exceeding P2 trillion.

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    Nov 2005
    hey it's December na so........

    we're gonna get November's inflation rate soon

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    Nov 2005
    report binalik daw ang pamasahe sa P9.00 from P10.00 dahil sa sunod sunod na rollback

    ano kaya reaction ng transport sector pag nag price hike next week


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    Mar 2006
    Nayari si angara dito 😂

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    Dec 2017
    Sonny Angara is against the increased excise tax levied on oil. His version of TRAIN (Senate Bill 1592) actually reduces taxes levied on oil.

    Funny, because this is how he is portrayed back then. No wonder these people didn't go hungry after TRAIN. They have been eating their own words since then.

    Angara’s TRAIN of deception | BusinessWorld

    Angara’s TRAIN of deception


    This is how I would choose to describe Sen. Sonny Angara’s version of the Tax Reform for Acceleration (TRAIN) committee report in the Senate.

    The bill of the 2019 reelectionist Senator masquerades as being biased towards the poor. Senate Bill 1592 (SB 1592) lowered the first-year tax rates for diesel and gasoline, reduced the final tax rate for LPG, and retained the zero rate for kerosene. At the same time, it increases from P2,400 to P3,600 per year the amount of the cash transfers that will be unconditionally given to the poorest households. Senator Angara also retains the exemption for many VAT (value-added tax) transactions.

    It must be pointed out that this is a conflict of interest, for it is well known that Angara’s province is the location of the controversial Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport or APECO. Anti-APECO activists say that APECO stands for Angara’s private economic zone and free port.

    To summarize, Senator Angara’s bill deceives.

    The bill that he packages as pro-poor is in truth anti-poor. It curtails the spending for education, health, social protection and cash transfer, and infrastructure. Moreover, it is pro-rich because of the generous package he has given to high-income earners and vested interests, including the many VAT exemptions.

    We cannot allow Senator Angara to get away with his deception.

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    Sep 2003
    Inflation for November 2018 is a falt 6.0%

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    Aug 2012
    dahil bumaba inflation. tuloy na yun next station ng train next year. 2 pesos increase sa petroleum product tutal pababa naman daw ang oil sa international market. best and the brightest talaga nga naman.....

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    Sep 2003

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    May 2006
    Minsan talaga o.. Nagaral ba talaga mga to o nag deposit lang ng datung kay du30 nun election.

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