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    Oct 2002
    dapat wala ng peace talk with the enemy of the state, ngayon malapit na X'mas meron nanaman ceasefire with the NPA nanaman. f*ck that! all out war ang kailangan para matapos na. look at what happened with ERAP all out war against the MILF, eh di tumahimik sila

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    May 2006
    Basilan ambush: Wounded warriors' stories | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

    Muyco fumbled his words, trying to control his emotion as he shared: “’Yung iba humingi ng tulong, tulungan daw kasi hindi makalakad. Pero wala kaming magawa kasi ‘yung bala umuulan talaga. Tapos makita namin ‘yung kalaban na tumatayo na nag-aasault kahit na labanan namin, parang balewala lang sa kanila ‘yung bala. Hangga’t naabutan nila ‘yung iba dun, ‘yun ‘yung finishing nila ng bala. Kahit na nagmamakaawa na, pinatay pa din nila. ‘Yung iba, pinagtaga-taga nila ng itak.”

    Private 1st Class Arnel Balili of the 14th Special Forces Company was also hit while trying to maintain radio contact to call for reinforcement. He’s also confined at Camp Navarro General Hospital with shrapnels still embedded in his right leg, left hip and right shoulder.

    “Di rin sila bababa sa ano, sa 50, sa 60. Kasi nagtulungan na kasi sila, ‘pintakasi’ na ‘yung tawag dun sa kanila, M.I. (MILF) saka Abu Sayyaf. Kasi ‘yung Al-Barka, balwarte ng M.I. ‘yan sir,” said Balili.

    Balili said they were able to move to higher ground, which was supposed to give them an advantage in ground combat.

    But that too, didn’t work in their favor. “Ang mahirap lang dun, napa-pattern kami, kasi kabisado nila ‘yung terrain saka alam nila ‘yung lugar,” said Balili.

    Balili later felt numbness of his right shoulder while trying his best to call for reinforcement. It was only then that he knew that he was already hit.

    The reinforcement that he requested for never made it, because they too were met with overwhelming resistance. “Hindi nakapunta dun sa amin ‘yung reinforcement. Wala na ding mag-command sa amin, kasi ‘yung team leader namin is halos wala na, patay na ‘yung team leader namin, mga ala-1 ‘yun, alas dos,” said Balili.

    Courteously, I approached Private 1st Class Alex Ricafranca, a wounded soldier of the 12th Special Forces Company, whose right arm was wrapped in a cast.

    His arms suffered tremendous injury from the firefight.

    He smiled and nodded at me when I politely asked him if it was alright to talk to him. He was staring blankly on the wall as he told me how a comrade, who was also his cousin, gave up his life so that wounded soldiers like him can withdraw from the fight.

    Ricafranca’s cousin, Private 1st Class Roberto Ricafranca, a sniper of the 12th Scout Ranger Company, was killed in action.

    Ricafranca told me that when his cousin saw him bleeding, he was told to withdraw and seek cover, while his cousin provided cover. “Siya ‘yung komo-cover sa amin, lahat ng pina-withdraw nya, kino-coveran niya ng putok. Sabi niya, withdraw na kayo.”

    That was the last time he saw his cousin alive.

    TANGNA pinagtataga pa yung sugatan, summary execution, POW dapat yun. Tangna nagmamakaawa na ginanun pa...That is not the right way to die as a modern soldier in the battlefield..

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    wala na talaga ako bilib kay Pnoy, bakla talaga! the hostage taking, ok pa sa akin but this time wala talaga. he's a spineless son of a bitch!

    simple lang dapat ginawa niya, he should gave ultimatum to MILF na isuko lahat ng involved sa ambush or he will suspend the peace talk and go for all out war.

    ano gagawin ngayon pagaaralan nanaman? tapos yun command meeting nila parang today pa lang gagawin dahil iniintay pa yata sec ng DOD, WTF!? commander in chief ka as soon as nabalitaan na ambush na mga military dapat convene na agad yun command something and he should immediately headed it.

    he should stop thinking kung ano gagawin ng nanay niya, patay na nanay mo. gawin mo naman ang trabaho mo. harap-harapan nayun pagtraydor ng MILF and yet ok lang? tanginang yan! kung baligtarin at military ang sumugod sa MILF while they are having a peace talk ano gagawin ng MILF? automatic aatras sila sa peach negotiation.

    The last thing a sitting President should show to the citizenry is that the state is weak and cannot defend itself from this type of attack on its soldiers. Who cares if the MILF withdraws from the peace process? They've done nothing but to subvert it and use it to consolidate their attacks while talks are ongoing.

    The bad thing about this, is that PNoy seems to be oblivious to the outrage and outpouring of grief from the families of the dead soldiers.

    It ought to rain bombs night and day in Al Barka, Basilan if only to remind these MILF and their hardy group of sympathizers that our armed forces can easily kill them all them if we wanted to.

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    Oct 2010
    sabi nga ng mga sundalo natin..


    sana yung mga pulitiko natin gayahin ang attitude nila.... mag harakiri sila.

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    Oct 2002
    sayang itong opportunity for Pnoy, ini imagine ko pa naman na magpatawag siya ng presscon tapos medyo teary eyed pa siya then his speech would start with him mentioning the full ranks and names of each soldiers that died in the field, then he'll say that, the state will take care of the families of the fallen, it's the least that this gov't can do to for sacrifices these men gave...etc etc. full scholarshp hanggan college for the children. then sunod niya yun ultimatum sa MILF na isuko within 48 hours each every men involved sa ambush if they will not heed. sabihin niya he will suspend the peace talk and go all out war to give justice for the fallen heroes. then sabihin pa sana niya na as commander in chief he is taking full responsibility for the death of the soldiers. pag yun ginawa niya paran pelikula sana. kaso sayang ang opportunity kahit gawin pa niya ngayon yan too late na. bakla siya!

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    May 2006
    Parang pinalalabas pa na di kasi nag ingat o naghanda mga sundalo natin...Tapos yung isa sabi isolated incident daw...

    Imagine FDR saying that in Congress sa surprise attack sa pearl harbor. Its a far flung territory, not all japanese are like that, its just an isolated incident, we are still negotiating with the japanese as of this moment...we will still continue the peace process.

    Dapat medyo ganito ang dating: Taken from FDR's speech.

    As commander in chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.

    No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

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    Oct 2002
    coup d'etat na!

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    Jun 2006
    Hindi sya nagmana sa ama nya.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by jansky View Post
    malambot tlaga si Pnoy..
    at walang BAYAG!

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    Nov 2005
    ibang incident naman ito

    gulfnews : Six soldiers held hostage by rebels chopped to death: Philippine army

    Six soldiers held hostage by rebels chopped to death: Philippine army
    Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels blamed for massacre of government soldiers in Basilan
    By Barbara Mae Dacanay, Bureau ChiefPublished: 09:42 October 21, 2011
    Manila: Six government soldiers were chopped to death after they were held hostage by rebels, when government soldiers and members of a local terror group clashed in the southern Philippines last Tuesday, according to a TV report.

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Philippine Army SF unit ambushed vietcong style in Mindanao