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    Jan 2004
    With photos:

    The Cops Are Chasing Me in a WHAT?

    ROME (Reuters) - If you are thinking about speeding on Italian highways this year, think twice. You might find yourself being chased by a Lamborghini.

    Italian police took possession Friday of a sleek, 500 horsepower, two-seater Lamborghini Gallardo, which can hit a top speed of 185 miles per hour.

    The sports car, painted in the police's distinctive blue and white colors, comes complete with a flashing blue light on the roof and will initially patrol the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway -- a road notorious in Italy for wild driving.

    The Lamborghini will also be used to transport human organs for emergency operations.


    No use running away, they will catch you anyway.

    Here's another article on the subject:
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    Feb 2003
    makes you think 10x before running away from the cops

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    Oct 2002
    shet! Gallardo!!!

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    Aug 2003
    d pwede sa pinas yan, papasok lang sa subdivision yung suspek ligtas na sya kasi cguradong sasayad yung ilalim nyan sa humps

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    May 2004
    lets see if matakbuhan mo yan hehehe!

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    May 2004
    hehe pag yan ang gamit ng mga pulis dito sa pinas sigurado ka-carnapin yan! hehe kahit pulis pa may gamit carnap pa rin. talo talo na... walang pulis pulis.. hehe

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    May 2004
    1st gear ratio : 2.56:1 Max. speed : 97.5 Km/h
    2nd gear ratio : 1.85:1 Max. speed : 134.9 Km/h
    3rd gear ratio : 1.42:1 Max. speed : 175.5 Km/h
    4th gear ratio : 1.14:1 Max. speed : 219.2 Km/h
    5th gear ratio : 0.94:1 Max. speed : 265.9 Km/h
    6th gear ratio : 0.81:1 Max. speed : 309 Km/h (192 Mph)

    Top speed : 309 Km/h (192 Mph)

    0 - 100 Km/h : 4.2 sec
    0 - 200 Km/h : 14.5 sec
    0 - 300 Km/h : n.a.
    Standing Km. : 22.5 sec
    1/4 Mile : 12.2 sec at 122 Mph

    ......asteeg pla yan eh... hehe. tama ka sir mashado mababa.. puro lubak pa naman dito. dami pa matataas na humps.

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    Jul 2003
    2nd gear palang hirap na ata takasan eh baka d na umabot ng 4th gear yan pag dito yan naghabol hehe

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    May 2004
    I like the Gallardo! Its one hell of a car! heheheh...

    But is that what you really need to pursuit cars? I think not!

    (Lets say I'm one of those stupid people who runs away from the police)
    If I'm in a truck and wanted to get away and the Gallardo is chasing me, I wouldnt hesitate to put the pedal to the metal! Sure, the Gallardo is super-fast and quick... But when the Gallardo catches up... then what? The car is made of really light materials, specially the body--fiberglass! Whats the Gallardo gonna do? Run me off the road? I think not! If anything.. I think the opposite is gonna happen... I would run the Gallardo off the road... One good, quick hit, and the Gallardo would be in pieces! Remember... i have a truck!

    Anyways... the Gallardo is not going to be used in Hot pursuit anyways! Its going to be used in Organ transfers! Even then... theres helicopters and ambulances! heehehe...

    I'm not talking down ont the car... but.... ahhhh, what a total waste of donation! LOL!

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    Jul 2003
    sir Driver baka naman pang habol lang parang lead siya para di lang makatakas... or i dunno, or maybe used for transfer of organs in short distances lang.. which minsan walang available na helicopter. its nice to have options dba? hehe 1 lang naman eh, its not really a waste of donation. maybe not very useful though...

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Italian cops get Lamborghini squad car