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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by ooba99 View Post
    Delicadeza is a long lost and forgotten virtue here in the Philippines.

    yep and not just from the CJ. its given sa mga politicians.

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    nakow! maniks....tagal nang umiikot nyan.....
    mukhang huli ka sa balita atty.
    just fund out lang... now im more convinced why pnoy want CJ Impeach...

    to continue what their family has been doing to the poor farmers of hacienda Luisita...

    landgrabber? murderer?

    and now he wants to control all the 3 branches of govt....

    KAWAWA NAMAN ang mga mahihirap na pilipino sa hacienda luisita...

    ngayon naman kawawa naman ang mga pilipino SA BAGONG KAHARIAN ng mga Aquino....

    AQUINO COJUANCO... FACTS.... dont be blind... THAT'S THE REAL REASON WHY HE WANTS CJ OUT... Ang Daan Matuwid ni Pnoy ay Daan lang ng mga Aquino at Cojuanco sa kanilang baGONG kAHARIAN.... balang araw lahat tayo ay masasagasaan ng DAAN MATUWID na yan....

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    Jun 2011
    PNOY clan and Ampatuan clan similarity....

    both ARE accused of MURDER AND MASSACRE...

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    Jun 2011
    [QUOTE=CoDer;1876923]May tama din sa ulo tong si Corona, putak ng putak sya kay PNoy na wag maki alam samantalang ayaw nya namang mag leave sa SC habang sa dinidinig pa ang impeachment nya.

    PROSECUTOR Na ba ngayon si pnoy? natural lang na dumepensa din at bumanat si CJ... KAYO po ba kung SUSUNTUKIN KAYO NG susuntukin eh hindi mo man lang kayo dedepensa o gaganti man lang? Hindi po ba kayo gaganti ng suntok?

    Hindi naman po under ng s.c. ang Impeachment Court... bakit sya mag mag Leave? para MAHAWAKAN NA NI PNOY ANG S.C.?
    Para pumabor na sakanya ang decision sa Hacienda Luisita? PARA CONtrolado Na DIN nya ang JUDICIARY...

    KUNG sa tingin nyo po kayang dictahan ng KUNG SINONG congresswoman lang ang mga MAJISTRADO NG KORTE SUPREMA... eh nagkakamali po kayo.... kung meron man iilan lang po sila pero hindi MAJORITY NG mga Majistrado hindi kaya nilang impluwencyahan...
    MADAMI pO tayong mga Majistrado at Hukom sa Judikatura na HINDI KAYANG MABILI NG PERA... kahit TUMANAW NG UTANG NA LOOB... Trabaho lang po talaga... walang KAIBIGAN, KAKILALA, kapatid, o kahit nga Asawa nila hindi sila kayang impluwensyahan...
    madami po tayong majistrado at hukom na walang awa... aNG BATAS ay batas... pasencyahan po talaga... trabaho lang....

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by CoDer View Post
    Kita mo na kung anong klaseng CJ meron tayo... Isang pulitiko.
    its human instinct bro... unless your not human...

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by ooba99 View Post
    Delicadeza is a long lost and forgotten virtue here in the Philippines.

    not all sir...

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by CoDer View Post
    Kapal pa ng mukha nya na pag inhibit si Carpio at Sereno.
    sir kung alam mo lang kung gaano kabagyo kay presidente yan dalawang yan... para na silang magkamag anak.... kulang nalang ang ilagay nila eh AQUINO-CARPIO AT Aquino-Sereno....

    kung ikaw ba ay may kaso at ang kalaban mo eh laging kasama at kaibigan matalik ng Judge na may hawak ng kaso mo.. Hindi ka ba mag file ng motion for inhibition...? so pag nag file ka pala ng motion for inhibition Makapal din ang mukha mo? ganun po ba yun? peace sir...

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by glenn manikis View Post
    not all sir...
    I hope so...

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    Jun 2011
    [QUOTE=Ry_Tower;1876912]Tapos gusto niya separation of powers. hahaha

    Ano po ang GUSTO NYO? walang seperation of powers? Si PNOY LANG ang may power sa tatlong sanghay ng gobyerno? sya lang ang masusunod... he will serve as a Pres. a senator, a congressman and a judge all at the same time... pag sinabi nya NA AKO ang may ari ng lupa nyo, patayin ang mga FARMERS PATAYIN ANG MGA taga tsikot... death penalty YAN... wala na tayong magagawa at wala ng haharang sa mali nyang gagawin?
    ayan po ba ang GUSTO Nyo?

    Na wala ng seperation of Powers...

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    Aug 2009
    Get Real
    P-Noy resorting to demagoguery?
    By: Solita Collas-Monsod
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    8:59 pm | Friday, February 17th, 2012
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    If President Aquino actually believes that his campaign against corruption will stand or fall on the conviction or acquittal of Chief Justice Renato Corona by the impeachment court, then one can only conclude that P-Noy’s campaign plan must have been half-baked from the start, and/or that he wasn’t really serious about it.
    Why do I say that? Please review the first of P-Noy’s 16-point “Social Contract with the Filipino People,” which vows “From a President who tolerates corruption to a President who is the nation’s first and most determined fighter of corruption.” The action plan accompanying this first point comprises 10 items—from “appointing officials based on their integrity, qualifications and performance record and hold them accountable to the highest ethical standards of public office” (performance so far: really mixed); to requiring the top officials of the executive department to have their SALNs “available and accessible to the public” (performance: poor); to upholding the people’s right to information and supporting the enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill in Congress (performance: lousy); implementation of the Prosecution Service Act (performance: lousy), the reader gets the drift.
    Nowhere in that Social Contract did P-Noy say that its success would depend on getting rid of the incumbent Chief Justice. And if the reader will notice, if it was really that important, P-Noy should have not waited for almost 18 months to start the process. Nor, having decided to start it, should he have allowed (let’s face it, he was calling the shots) his minions in Congress to pass such a flawed, practically baseless set of impeachment charges without even the benefit of discussion.
    No, the impeachment and trial of Corona seems less likely to have anything to do with the desire to clean up corruption than it has with the desire to wreak vengeance.
    What is more disturbing is that the President (if the news reports are accurate) is not only practically inciting the people to take matters into their own hands, but is also showing a dismal ignorance about how the will of the people is to be served. As in “Would Juan de la Cruz allow himself to be left out of this process? Are we going to let only a few to decide for all of us?” Good grief. Doesn’t he realize that he is one of those “few,” as are all legislators and local executives, and that they were chosen by the people precisely to carry out their will? Or does he want every decision to be subject to ratification by the people? Ridiculous, right? The implication is that we can ignore, with impunity, the rule of law, the absence of which in this country has held back our growth and development.
    Demagoguery is a dangerous tool—and can boomerang on the persons using it.
    The President has reportedly also articulated his impatience with the slowness of the impeachment process. Well, he touches a sympathetic chord in me. But he forgets that a major contributing factor has been the lack of preparedness of the prosecution, both before and after the impeachment. As has become painfully clear during the trial, which is turning out to be one fishing expedition after another. Which brings up the question: of practically all of the “evidence” brought out in the trial obtained only after the trial began, what were the bases of the impeachment charges (Number Two) in the first place?
    But let us also face it. Grandstanding and the seemingly irresistible urge of some senator-judges (SJs) to get into the fray and help one side or the other along have contributed as well to the delays.
    That would be acceptable, if only the negatively affected parties/counsel could interpose objections the way they can with an opposing counsel. But they have been effectively muzzled by the new Senate Impeachment Rules, thus giving the SJs carte blanche to ask leading or irrelevant or immaterial questions, or even badger the protagonists without fear of retribution.
    Was this also the case during the first impeachment trial (Estrada’s)? No. Then, Section 17 of the impeachment rules read: “……The parties or their counsel may interpose objections to witness answering questions propounded by any Senator and the merits of any such objections may be argued by the parties or their counsel…” In the current rules’ Section 17, that passage has been omitted.
    It makes for a very unfair fight, don’t you agree? Moreover, it seems to have helped transform the procedure into a Senate investigation rather than a trial per se. I don’t care how sui generis (of its own kind) the process is. A Senate impeachment court is a court—not an investigating committee. Any investigation should have been completed beforehand.
    What a difference from the impeachment trial of US President Clinton (Jan. 7, 1999-Feb. 12, 1999) where the US Senate decided to give the prosecution and defense three days each to make their case with both sides required to limit their arguments to evidence already in the record (or be ruled out of order). Plus, the senators asked their questions only in writing, the questions all to be propounded and answered during the allotted time. Also, witnesses were deposed (videotaped) rather than required to appear at trial.
    The idea behind all this, said a Washington Post analyst at the time, was that the senators would act more like jurors executing impartial justice rather than political speechmakers.
    And that is exactly what happened.

    I like the fact that she's objective in calling a spade a spade. Monsod supported Pnoy but she's smart enough to use her brain in seeing what's wrong and right.

Impeachment against CJ Corona..