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    The Daily Tribune - Without Fear or Favor

    Umali appeals to ‘small lady’ to come forward on leakage

    With the Senate Court ready to get to the bottom of the leakage of the bank accounts, both dollar and peso, of Chief Justice Renato Corona by summoning Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) Katipunan Branch manager Annabelle Tiongco to testify before the impeachment court, the prosecutors said they welcomed the Senate’s move to find out where the leak came from.

    There was also the veiled threat issued by presiding judge Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to the congressmen-prosecutors that they may face sanctions should it be found that the prosecutors submitted falsified copies of the bank, apart from their having been illegally obtained.

    Rep. Rey Umali was quoted as making a plea to the “small lady” who gave him the envelope containing the documents pertaining to Corona’s accounts in the PSBank yesterday, appealing to his unidentified source to come out and testify, despite there being a liability, as she would be doing the nation a favor.

    Despite Umali’s plea to the “small lady,” however, the Senate’s CCTVs show absolutely no “small lady” anywhere in sight handing the congressman any envelope.

    As a result, lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr. and Umali have been caught lying to the Senate Impeachment Court again, on his “small lady” story,

    Umali said the “small lady” who he said was the anonymous source had handed him an envelope in the Senate impeachment court containing the bank accounts of the Chief Justice but the Senate, which investigated the claim of Umali, through the CCTV showed up the claim of Umali as a lie.

    It was said that Tupas is a bank client of the same bank headed by its branch manager, Tiongson.

    Tupas is claimed to have an account in that bank that runs to the millions.

    The source said the bank documents were first shown to Tupas, who had asked for these.

    “This was the reason the prosecutors, in asking for the subpoena from the senators, did not ask for the branch manager Tiongson, and instead had ( Pascual Garcia), president of the PSBank testify instead on the bank accounts yearly ending balance on the accounts of Corona,” the source pointed out.

    “And the reason Tupas and Umali came up with the story of the ‘anonymous’ source of the bank documents giving the congressman an envelope,” he added.

    Tiongson has been summoned by the Senate court to testify on Monday’s trial, a move which the PSBank president wanted to block, owning all liability and responsibility, while also stating in court that the copies of the bank documents attached to the summons as annexes do not appear to be a facsimile of the original bank documents.

    The Presiding Impeachment officer revealed Thursday that the BSP is now investigating the leakage of the bank documents that the prosecution used as basis to subpoena the bank records of the Chief Justice with the PSBank.

    Senate chief Juan Ponce Enrile said this as he directed to bring to the impeachment court branch manager Tiongson of the PSBank-Katipunan where Corona maintains bank accounts, alleged to be both peso and dollar accounts.

    ”I must tell you that this court is in possession of information regarding the leakage bank documents and, in fact, the BSP is now conducting an investigation regarding this leakage,” Enrile said.

    “We have to protect the integrity of the bank system. So, bring the manager here to answer questions,” Enrile instructed Garcia.

    The Tribune’s Friday issue identified the leak as Annabelle Tiongson, the branch manager, who was the original person in the subpoena, although the president of the bank took her place instead, claiming that Tiongson was too tense and stressed to testify.

    The report also stated, quoting the Tribune’s unimpeachable source as saying that the leak came from Tiongson, then passed on to one Gigi Sawit and a blogger and stringer of the South China Morning Post who called up the Tribune yesterday to state that she does not even know Gigi Sawit.

    The Tribune stands by it story as told by the source.

    According to another source, Tiongson might have altered a reproduction of the bank records to make it appear it did not come from the bank, to escape criminal prosecution.

    At the same time, the defense said it is now up to Corona to decide whether to sue those behind the leakage of they records of his bank account.

    Although stressing that criminal liability awaits those who have perpetrated the leakage of the alleged bank records of the SC Chief Justice, one of his spokesmen for the defense panel said it is up now up to Corona to decide whether to pursue criminal charges against those suspected of leaking the information.

    At the weekly news forum at the Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City, lawyer Karen Jimeno said those behind the leakage of Corona’s bank records are liable for criminal liabilities as leaking such information to the public is very much against the law.

    “Yes, they are criminally liable,” Jimeno told reporters covering the forum.

    The defense counsel said that although the prosecution might appear to be enjoying the upper hand in the trial with the revelation of Corona’s bank accounts with regard to media mileage, she stressed the prosecution has not proven anything illegal as yet on the matter of the balance of Corona’s bank accounts uncovered.

    She stressed that the money in the bank is well within the range of his income from his salaries and allowances and from the sale of his properties, plus the P38 million held in trust by his wife, in behalf of her family’s corporation.

    Jimeno said that when the defense’s turn to their witnesses comes, defense lawyers will have a chance to explain the accounts of Corona.

    The lady lawyer also took a shot at Malacañang saying it has no right to meddle in Corona’s dollar accounts because it is not a crime to own one.

    “President Aquino cannot dictate on Corona, whether or not he can have a dollar account,” Jimeno said after being informed the President had challenged Corona on Friday to present information on his dollar accounts if he has nothing to hide.

    “The money in Corona’s dollar accounts was part of his savings even before he became Chief Justice,” said Jimeno.

    Under the Foreign Currency Deposit Act, a disclosure of foreign currency bank accounts can only be made upon written permission from the depositor.

    The senator-judges have scheduled a caucus on Monday at 11 a.m. to discuss the SC’s temporary restraining order that put a stop to the Senate’s insistence in ordering the witness to disclose the records of Corona’s alleged dollar accounts.

    She lamented the fact the Senate had become too lax in the implementation of the rules of impeachment which the Senate itself had drafted.

    Under Section 17 of the rules of impeachment, although the Senator-judges are allowed to ask anything under the sun from the witnesses, both the prosecution and the defense can pose objections for the witnesses not to answer the questions.

    But based on the actual proceedings, whenever the prosecutors cannot extract the answers they want from their own witnesses, some senator-judges take over from them, asking the same questions the prosecution team had asked from the witnesses, compelling them to answer under threat of being cited for contempt.

    “If you will notice, (retired) Justice (Serafin) Cuevas, on several occasions, tried to object and stop the witnesses from answering those leading questions but he has been overruled in as many instances,” said Jimeno.

    The prosecution panel predictably put a spin to it saying the admission of Corona of the bank accounts ownership already proves that he has stashed his hidden wealth.

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by galant E SS View Post
    nag-file din pala si impeachment boy oliver lozano ng impeachment case vs. pnoy. Nag-comment agad sina sen. escudero and santiago na it might not prosper.

    Impeachment case vs. Aquino won't prosper, say solons - Yahoo!
    ito namang si oliver lozano masyadong papansin. wala bang mga kliyente yan na mapagkakaabalahan niya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bin Diesel View Post
    ito namang si oliver lozano masyadong papansin. wala bang mga kliyente yan na mapagkakaabalahan niya?
    he-he! sinong kukuha dyan.
    may naipanalo na bang kaso yan?

    teka luma na yang kay lozano. last year pa yan.
    ang bago yung narinig ko kanina sa TV Patrol, bagong impeachmnet kay pnoy.....yung kay atty. hina-hinay ba yun?
    Last edited by chua_riwap; February 11th, 2012 at 01:31 AM.

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    small lady.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altis6453 View Post
    Diba si CJ rin naman ang nagsabi na "Kung makikita nila, e di kanila nalang"?
    Itong binitawan na salita ni Corona ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw nyang pabuksan yung dollar account nya.

    Quote Originally Posted by marg View Post
    My friend who is a high officer of PSBank says,"Magugulat ka sa laki ng $ deposits ni Corona."
    Afford nya mawala yung peso deposits nya, not the dollar.

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    Those accounts are not subject to forfeiture since there is no ill-gotten case. Jimeno didn't explain kung bakit di naka lagay sa SALN yung monies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto
    Those accounts are not subject to forfeiture since there is no ill-gotten case. Jimeno didn't explain kung bakit di naka lagay sa SALN yung monies.
    There's no good explanation kaya Wala siyang sinabi...ang palusot money has been there even before he was appointed to SC, so? It's still part of his cash now is not an asset pala...

    She should just shut up, no comment lang dapat siya..

    She was a breath of fresh air sa defense, but when the conflicting stand she had regarding midnight appointment of corona eh nawala na credibility niya...
    Last edited by shadow; February 11th, 2012 at 10:06 AM.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    llamas to the rescue.
    hihigitan daw nya yung nag-rally sa faura......

    The Daily Tribune - Without Fear or Favor
    Buwisit, :twak: mag-resign ka na lang irrevocably. Buwisit, sumisingit pa eh!!!

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Ry_Tower View Post
    Buwisit, :twak: mag-resign ka na lang irrevocably. Buwisit, sumisingit pa eh!!!
    Uy attend tayo dyan sa rally ni llamas, libre daw ang Debede pag sumali tayo.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by CoDer View Post
    Uy attend tayo dyan sa rally ni llamas, libre daw ang Debede pag sumali tayo.
    Kung HD DVD player pa sana.

Impeachment against CJ Corona..