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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz
    Will Pnoy be subpoenaed and testify in the impeachment court?
    As what atty cuevas had been saying since the start of the proceedings...."immaterial, your honor...." walang connection si Penot sa impeachment niya at least sa merit ng kaso...

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by jansky View Post
    ung mga gumagawa nyan actually saving the president Pnoy .. baka daw mag backfire sa kanila
    Fanboy mentality.

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    Oct 2011
    I heard it over the radio about the 50M worth of a property ni Tupas.

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    Oct 2011
    The impeachement court shall decide today on the issue of divulging the bank accounts of CJ Corona and perhaps cross examining witness commissioner henares.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    I heard it over the radio about the 50M worth of a property ni Tupas.
    Honestly... Si Tupas lang ba?

    Eh nahuli nga yung misis ng isang pinagtatawanang Senador, at may gana pa syan mag tanong kung ano ang pinagkaiba ng Cash Advance at Loan.

    Napansin ko lang... Bat ang sipag mag palabas ng mga assests kuno ng prosecution at perceived pro admin Senators?

    Ok lang mudslinging during election.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    The impeachement court shall decide today on the issue of divulging the bank accounts of CJ Corona and perhaps cross examining witness commissioner henares.
    Most likely di payagan yan.

    Delikadong cross examin si Henares, Cuevas must be very carefull in his questions.

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    Jul 2003
    an important question was raised by escudero.

    are these allegations of inaccurate SALN declarations an impeachable offense?

    because apparently under the laws that govern SALNs, anyone has a chance to "correct a mistake". and a mistake committed "without bad intention" is forgivable so to speak.

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    Nov 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    I heard it over the radio about the 50M worth of a property ni Tupas.
    true so true

    The Daily Tribune - Without Fear or Favor

    Main CJ accuser Tupas building P50-M mansion on P25,000 pay


    Lead prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona has been found to be building a mansion at Xavierville Subdivision in Quezon City which he has reportedly kept hidden from view by getting the construction workers to cover the almost finished exterior of his two-story house covered with a long blue plastic sheet while construction is ongoing.

    More millions of pesos are likely to be poured into the interiors of the Tupas mansion.

    Tupas and his co-prosecutors, all congressmen, have a salary of some P25,000 monthly, and is also on the Congress’ Alpha list for tax purposes.

    Many other congressmen are also known to own several homes

    and condominium units which, on the basis of just their salaries as members of Congress, certainly cannot afford to own such properties, if such is the argument being raised by the prosecutors against the Chief Justice.

    Tupas was elected Iloilo congressman less than two years ago, yet could afford to build a huge mansion resting on a lot measuring 632 square meters.

    The price of the property, transferred to the Tupas spouses in 2011, has an estimated tag of P30,000 per square meter. The Tupas spouses’ property covers over 632 square meters, or a purchase price of a little over P20 million just for the lot alone.

    A document from the Land Registration Authority obtained by the Tribune showwed a Transfer Certificate of Title no No.004-2011003495, with the parcel of land described as follows:A parcel of land (lot 26 blk. 5, of the cons. subd. plan (lrc) pcs-6818 (sheet 2), being a portion of the cons. of lots 1-18 blk, 1; 1-13, blk. 2; 1-14, blk. 3; 1-16, blk. 5. 1-22, blk. 6, 1-23, blk. 7, 1-9, blk. 8, 1-21, blk. 9, 1-3, blk. 10, 1-16, blk. 11, 1-13, blk. 12, park lots 1, 2 & 3 and street lots 4-8 and 10-16, all described on plan psd-35337, lrc (glro) rec. no. 7672), situated in the Quezon City, island of Luzon, bounded on the ne., points 8 to 1 by lot 25; points 1 to 2 by lot27; and points 2 to 3 by lot 28, all of blk, 5; is registered in accordance with the provision of the Property Registration Decree in the name of owner are spouses Niel C. Tupas Jr. and Yvonne Angeli Lee Tupas.

    If the lot in its entirety is to be counted, as specified the LRA, then the spouses Tupas have so many properties, all located in the same property bought by them.

    Apparently, the Tupases also reportedly owns a condominium unit 21, Jubilee Villas, No. 90 Banlat Road, Tandang Sora, QC.

    Tupas and the prosecution panel have been alleging that, with Corona’s salary as a chief justice and associate justice cannot possibly afford to buy a P14.5 million condominium unit in Megaworld’s Bellagio Towers with the kind of salary he makes as a government official, and have accused him of amassing ill gotten wealth.

    Tupas has also accused Corona of underclaring his income, as per income tax returns under the Alpha list submitted by the high court, and as presented by Bureau of Internal Revenue chief Kim Henares, accusing the impeached chief justice of not declaring his true income.

    The Alpha listing generally only includes the salaries of, in the case of the House of Representatives, congressmen and does not include allowances as chairmen of a committee, or membership in the House Electoral Tribunal.

    Tupas, prior to his election as a congressman, was the chief of staff of his father, then Governor of Iloilo.The younger Tupas was also a provincial board member, one of whom ratifies whatver the governor enters into.

    Tupas Sr. has been charged with graft by the Ombudsman, and is facing trial at the Sandigabayan.

    Vice Gov. Rex Sulpico, in a privilege speech, arising from a report that was published in an Iloilo local daily about “ghost meetings” allegedly sponsored by the “young, rising star of the 8th Sangguniang Panlalawigan,” referring to then provincial board member Niel Tupas, Jr.

    Armed with records that verified these numerous “ghost meetings” Sulpico said the “name and signature of Board Member Niel “Junjun” Tupas Jr., are found in all Allotment and Obligation Slips,..found in all the Purchase Request” and that Tupas Jr. had signed them all twice.

    “Every page of the Guest Lists” had the letter head of the provincial board of Iloilo, office of Niel Tupas Jr. with the guest list which have been evidenced to have been manufactured and falsified.

    It was also Tupas Jr. who had signed certified true and correct.

    “The factory that produced the fictitious Guest Lists and meetings are one and the same. The entries are names of real people but they never attended such meetings. The dates were merely inserted with the use of a typewriter. Thus, my mole pointed out that in the Guest Lists for the April 14 meeting “the date Feb. 22, 2005 was erased and replaced with April 14, 2005.”

    Sulpico said he talked to Mayors, Vice-Mayors, Sangguniang Bayan Members, municipal officials, Barangay Captains, Kagawads, SK officials, barangay officials, school heads, teachers, leaders and plain voters in the 5th District. “Nobody has attended, much less heard, about a “(c)onsultative Dialog/Meeting with the different Municipal and Brgy. Officials ofrthe 5th District of lloilo” held on Oct. 23, 2004, Feb. 16, 2005 and April 14, 2005 in Sara, lloilo or in any date and in any place in and outside the 5th District sponsored by Board Member Tupas. They were surprised that their names are there in the Guest Lists at all.

    He went on record charging then Board Member, now Rep. Niel “Junjun” Tupas, Jr., for holding three ghost meetings on Oct. 23, 2004, Feb. 1, 2005 and April 14, 2006, in Sara, lloilo for which the lloilo Provincial Government paid the caterer Rumbuhan Beer Garden Restaurant a total of P152,640.00.

    He stressed that “these ghost meetings” violated Republic Act No. 3019 as Amended, otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, which implements the constitutional provision which states that: Public office is a public trust.” They violated the Revised Penal Code on malversation of public Funds and an falsification of public documents. And they may violate other provisions of our anti-graft and criminal laws as well. NCO

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    I heard it over the radio about the 50M worth of a property ni Tupas.
    eto para mas kumleto. talagang ganyan yata sa pinas. you need a corrupt one to oust one.(parang si jdv testifying against his former boss GMA)

    The Daily Tribune - Without Fear or Favor

    eto lang ganda sa ganito talaga. nagkakalabasan ng baho.

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    May 2004
    ooops naunahan ako jansky.

Impeachment against CJ Corona..