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    Aug 2004
    i'll simply copy the system of government of SINGAPORE.

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    Oct 2002
    ipapakulong ko si ninong yebo.charing!!!hherhehr

    magpapagawa ako ng commemorative plate na may mukha ko.

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    Focus on the educational system.
    Implement strict guidelines in getting a licence - Yes, wala nang lagay lagay, ang minimum requirement dapat HS graduate.
    Tagalin ang boundery system ng mga bus.

    So far yan pa lang naiicip ko, magdadag na lang ako pag may naicip uli ako

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    Oct 2002
    lahat ng may commemorative plate na may mukha ni glennster eh papa-*** change ko. free. haaaah!
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    Oct 2002


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    Feb 2005
    lol.. mukhang magulong mga presidente tong mga to ha... Lolz

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    Jun 2003
    If I am president?

    priority #1 = round up all pork barrels and all other available government funds
    deposit in a swiss bank account

    Priority #2 = get out of the country ASAP (anywhere as far as i can go)

    Akin na ang pera nyo salamat sa boto nyo hehehehe

    that is if i was president but im just dreaming :D

    ganun din naman ginagawa nila e hehehe

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    Oct 2003
    Number 1 on my list is CORRUPTION. It is the source of all evil and the root of poverty.

    Pagwala corruption:

    1. Lots of budget surplus
    2. Economy will be better.
    3. More money means more budget in education = knowledge and discipline
    4. More money means more budget in PNP/MMDA and other government agency = less crime, less red tape.
    5. More money means more jobs and livelihood = no prostitution, no vagrant
    6. More money means more budget for infrastructure works of DPWH = good and efficient highways, farm to market roads etc.
    7. More money means more housing project for HUDCC = more low cost housing for the poor.

    So, all in all, it all boils down to CORRUPTION. Think about it?!

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    Jan 2005
    Here's mine:

    1. Reshuffle, restructure and reorganize PNP, Phil. Army, Phl. Navy = peace and order

    2. Allow foreigners to 100% fully own and control businesses = create jobs

    3. Decentralize Metro Manila and develop the north and south = spread our population

    4. Give efficient service for basic necessities = no more brownouts, no more water shortage

    5. Restructure and reorganize our public schools = better education, better people

    6. Give tax breaks for people living in the province

    7. Stricter law implementation

    8. Restructure BIR

    9. Lower taxes to low income brackets, higher taxes to high income brackets

    10. Build wider, better roads; build freeways

    11. Get rid of barangay system; instead, put a better police force with a centralized nationwide 911

    12. Gun ban = safer environment for everyone, no more threats

    13. Tougher emmissions = protect environment

    14. "National Citizen Service" accessible to all citizens for government service complaints, maltreatment, red tape, etc.

    15. National health care sytem (just like Canada's medicare system)

    16. Abolish all private jeepney and bus franchises; Put government-operated buses (all with A/C); train and hire former jeepney drivers and tricycles - they will be paid by the hour, not by commission and will only be able to stop at designated bus stops; unlimited, fixed fare every month - bus ticket/card system (US and Canada). Centralize operation for MRT/LRT and bus system (ticket/card will work with both transpo)

    17. Develop and implement better city planning

    18. DPWH will be doing all roads and bridges (and not by sub contructors) = minimize corruption

    19. Free lawyers to those who cant afford and fair trial jury system

    20. Change length of term from 6 years to 4 years; 2-term max in all office; computerize ballot system;
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    Jul 2003

    1. remove democracy from the philippines cuz people here dont follow our rules.
    2. Jeepneys and tricycles will be replaced by trains and buses
    3. underspeeding is punishable by lethal injection <--- hell yeah
    4. removal of taxes on high displacement engines < ---
    5. if jeepneys or tricycles still attempt to do their routes... they will be arrested and killed immediately.
    6. Development of highway like widening of roads. 4 lanes lahat minimum.
    7. sidewalk clearing with no objections from stpd vendors. again if they dont comply. they will be shot.
    8. Old beat up cars will be rammed and pushed over any cliff (the nearest cliff preferably)
    9. Removal of made up cars exceptions: if its a supercar or its damn good looking car.
    10. Highways like SLEX and NLEX and edsa will have a minimum speed of 150kph and a maximum of 450kph. <- no jet fighters please. There will be a ultra fast lane (250kph and up), fast lane (200kph to 249kph), and the normal lane (150kph to 199kph). If your car can't reach 150kph ... once again u will be rammed and pushed over the nearest cliff or rammed and towed to the nearest junk shop.
    11. buses only stop at designated bus stops... we dont care if u sweat like a pig walking to a bus stop. walking is exercise. exercise is good.
    12. Holdapers will be punishable by lethal injections. no objections... no reasons like my family is hungry etcetc.
    13. Population control. if u cannot feed ur kids, then u stop making them. period. if not, you are arrested and put to jail for the rest of your life!

    thats it for now...
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