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    Jul 2007
    How will it impact on the Philippines? If I recall he would rather curtail outsourcing and try to keep jobs in the U.S. by providing incentives to the U.S. based companies that stay in the country as opposed to companies that outsource.

    Also I suppose it would be not far fetched that if he is not much into the war on terror he would also lessen their exposure in the front of Mindanao by reducing the Miltary advisors.

    Any thoughts?

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    Aug 2008
    with his anti-BPO stand, dyan malamang nya nakuha ang majority ng votes ng mga rural states like Iowa and others. these states are as poor as ours kasi naka-experience na ito ng recession and investor pull-out even before the subprime happened.

    the problem kasi with the US employment system, masyado protected, masyado pro-worker. that's why a lot of investors pulled out kasi talo sila and they sourced out sa mga developing countries.

    the same with Moore's argument na ang mga kinuha-kuha ni Bush na lumaban sa Iraq ay galing sa mga poor States.

    with his promise of bringing in new jobs for the poor americans, ending the war and bringing home the troops back again to poor american families amidst the US Financial Crisis,ewan ko ... mukang gulo ang mangyayari talaga sa America in the next months/year to come ...

    it's either Obama gets removed early for not delivering his promises or America enters into a civil war (or at least, there will be unrest in the rural states, nakow andito pa naman mga white supremacists and red necks.)

    maybe those fiction movies about LA/SF/California and New York placing a "great wall of china" like wall around their statelines arent that farfetched in the near future.

    maybe this can also explain why the American elite (likes of Buffet, Gates, Trump) are abalang-abala parking most of their investments in Dubai. maybe they have "premonition" of things to come.


    regarding our BPO's and call centers, tingin ko hindi tayo maapektuhan kasi it will still be the investors who will have the last word on pulling out. these investors are the "fortune-teller" American elite that I mentioned above. even the Bush'es interests (pipelines, drill companies etc) are parked in safe haven in upper middle east to Russia.

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    Oct 2008
    I think the fundamental policies of US concerning Phil. will not greatly change with Obama as president.

    As for BPO, the investors will have the last say on where to put their money. They will invest where they will save and earn more. If the new policies of Obama will match the savings they will get from outsourcing then they will surely stay in US but if not our BPO industry will not likely get affected much.

    With regards to the US military presence in Mindanao, I think it will lessen but later on. Obama will start with Iraq and Afghanistan because thats what he promised.

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    Aug 2008
    if we will recall, the US is closely monitoring the supposed MILF autonomous region na hindi natuloy. the US has very special interest in Mindanao. if there is oil there the same as Brunei, baka, kasi malapit lang naman ang Mindanao sa mga oil rich sultanates there.

    for the US, mas ok sa kanila na the muslims control the oil. why, kasi mas madali controlin. same reason why they love qatar, kuwait, saudi, uae hehehe

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    Dec 2005

    Sabi nga ni Erap sa isang interview.... "Siyempre uunahin ni Obama ang Amerika dahil Amerikano iyan, kaya hindi tayo dapat umasa sa kanila... Tayo mismo ang gumawa ng paraan para sa ating bansa...."..... Talbog sina Binay at Escudero(?)....


How will President Obama's Policies affect the Philippines