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    BIR: We can go after Sulit, AyosDito and YOU for unregistered, untaxed online sales
    By: Katrina Mennen A. Valdez,
    January 21, 2013 8:18 AM

    MANILA - The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will hold operators of buy-and-sell websites liable for any entrepreneur who makes money online without first registering with the bureau and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

    "We will file cases against sellers who fail to issue receipts and pay taxes, but we will also file cases against the websites which provide such service," BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares said.

    She said website operators engaged in buy and sell are similar to that of mall operators that allow entrepreneurs to lease a commercial space in their establishments.

    Under Revenue Regulation 12-2011, "it shall be the primary responsibility of all owners or sub-lessors of commercial establishments/buildings/spaces to ensure that the person intending to lease their commercial space is a BIR-registered taxpayer."

    "In the same way, if you operate a buy and sell website, you have to make sure that your members or subscribers are registered with us. These websites have to make sure that the sellers are issuing receipts, otherwise, they will also be held responsible," Henares said.

    Therefore, operators of websites that failed to verify the BIR registration of its member-entrepreneurs can be jointly sued for tax evasion along with the unregistered tenant.

    "It's just a matter of them following what the law provides, and us implementing what the law states," Henares said.

    Online traders and sellers usually conduct their transactions through buy-and-sell websites such as,, and

    "Their businesses should be registered to us, and they should be paying the corresponding taxes. Otherwise, we will run after them," Henares said.

    She said the bureau need not issue a revenue regulation requiring online sellers to issue receipts and invoices, since the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) already mandates sellers and service providers to issue receipts "for each sale or for service valued at P25 or more."

    Section 237 of the NIRC provides that "all persons subject to an internal revenue tax shall, for each sale or transfer of merchandise or for services rendered valued at P25 or more, issue duly registered receipts or sales or commercial invoices, prepared at least in duplicate, showing the date of transaction, quantity, unit cost and description of merchandise or nature of service."

    Source: Interaksyon

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    Oct 2002
    LOL! ... It's like asking the Manila Bulletin or any other newspaper with classified ads to do a background check on all their classified ads advertisers.

    It won't happen. Hollow threats.

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    Jun 2007
    mukhang kapus talaga ang pondo

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    Jan 2003

    This government can only run after the little fish, while the big fish escape. Yan ang "daang matuwid".

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by A121 View Post

    This government can only run after the little fish, while the big fish escape. Yan ang "daang matuwid".
    While Enrile gives away our Tax millions for Xmas.
    Last edited by hein; January 21st, 2013 at 04:29 PM.

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    Nov 2005
    PNoy 2013 goal: get investment grade rating

    gotta show those credit ratings agencies the Phil. govt got lots of revenue

    squeeze more money from the private sector

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    Mar 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by dfopiso View Post
    mukhang kapus talaga ang pondo
    Got to make new sources of funds for the election. :naughty2:

    Nakakasikip ng puso makita mo kung san napupunta yung kaltas sa sweldo mo na walang kalaban-labang binabawas kada kinsenas-katapusan. :ashamed2:

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    Jan 2008
    dyan sya talo ni GMA....sayang lang kasi ogags yung asawa at yung mga boys nya..

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    May 2012
    ayus lang siguro basta patas ang labanan... pati yung mga sidewalk vendors, nagtitinda ng yosi, mambobote... itatax din nila.

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    Jun 2011
    kahit online naman... nagbabayad pa din kami ng tax....

    ang laki nga 12 percent...

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BIR: We can go after Sulit, AyosDito and YOU for unregistered, untaxed online sales