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    Oct 2002
    si "Big One" nagpunta muna sa Hong Kong ... malamang wawaldasin na sa Macau yung $25M nya

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    Jan 2007
    what else will you expect from these people naman.ang santol di mamumunga ng bayabas.follow the leader/s!!!buwaya laban sa kapwa buyawa

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    Sep 2004
    Daming pera ni Big Fat Bast*rd! Muntik na ngang mamatay eh, panay pa rin ang kurakot! At least magandang laban ito, parehong maykaya, mayaman at may poder.

    Hindi nga siguro naniniwala sa karma or afterlife itong mga ito. Naghihirap na nga ang Pinas, puro sarili pa rin ang iniisip.

    Buti na lang nag Star margarine ako nung bata...iba na ang matangkad!!!

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    Oct 2002
    di kaya mauwi ito as jdvIII vs arroyo?

    wala ng erap erap...

    sila sila maglalapaan!

    will there be blood on the streets?

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    Oct 2002
    *#%*!!!! baboy yan!!!! hinde pa kasi natuluyan mamatay...kapal talaga ng pagmumukha ni mike arroyo....

    mga bwisit, mas masahol pa siya kay erap!!!

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    May 2005
    this kind of unscrupulous transactions will have no effect until 5 years later when those loans have matured and we start paying the loan. and by that time, "small one" together with her cohorts would be far far away tayong naiwan sa lupang hinirang ay sabay-sabay na aawitan si pandak ng:

    "ang mamatay ng DAHIL sa iyo!"

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    Oct 2002
    Here's the complete transcript of Joey de Venecia's opening statement


    Joey de Venecia's opening statement at Senate NBN-ZTE hearing

    Opening Statement of Jose "Joey" de Venecia III at the hearing of the National Broadband Network contract of the Department of Transportation and Communications and ZTE Corporation before the three Senate committees - Blue Ribbon committee, Committee on National Defense and Security, and Committee on Trade and Commerce – which are investigating the contract.

    May I greet the honorable senators of the Republic. Thank you for inviting me to this hearing.

    Recent events and interviews and news reports have revealed the DOTC -ZTE broadband deal is illegal, grossly disadvantageous to the government and unjustly burdensome to the Filipino people because of the ridiculous overpricing of this project and the huge kickbacks anticipated by those who brokered this anomalous deal.

    The public is now aware at only of the depth of this abdominal iceberg but also of the massive mountain of graft and corruption that dwells underneath.

    Being one of the beneficial owners of Amsterdam Holdings Inc. (AHI) I was unwittingly exposes to the stink of what is now the DOTC-ZTE broadband deal.

    In December 2006 AHI filed its unsolicited proposal for the National Broadband Network project and was keen on its becoming the original proponent of the project under the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) law.

    Little did I know that certain vested interests were already at work to rig the award of the project to ZTE.

    Because my company AHI was being considered by the DOTC and the NEDA as the original proponent, I was approached by an unlikely but very senior powerful person who offered a technical cooperation cooperation/partnership with ZTE to push the deal through.

    I was initially wooed and eventually persuaded, badgered and cajoled by this senior powerful person to fly to China to discuss the partnership.

    It was there that I found out that the ZTE proposal was as early as then overpriced by a 100% or $130 million to accommodate the advances and kickbacks to be received by this powerful person.

    This powerful person even had the temerity to demand on the spot payment and the gall to mention the name of my president, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and my father Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose de Venecia Jr., as being recipients of the kickbacks.

    I was shocked, offended and aghast.

    I immediately pulled to the side the senior powerful person and head of a constitutional commission no less to warn him against the curtuitous name dropping of person I knew for a fact had no actual knowledge and involvement in the National Broadband Network project.

    I was sure that my president, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and my father speaker Joe de Venecia was unaware of that intricate technological details of the NBN project and could not stomach the fact that my President and my Speaker would be dragged into a transaction that required undisclosed advances and under the table kickbacks to sweeten the deal.

    Having discovered the kickbacks I had overwhelming reservations against ZTE piggy-backing on our proposal.

    First, our proposal offered to execute the project without any government loan or sovereign guarantee that would only translate to more debt for the country.

    On the other hand ZTE’s proposal required a huge government to government loan that masked the onerous kickbacks changing hands under the table.

    Second, I could see no point in saddling the Filipino people with more debt and my company had offered a technically superior project at no corresponding cost to the government.

    Third, neither I nor my foreign partners would accede to a sweetheart proposal that was riddled with graft, corruption and the massive plunder of taxpayer’s money.

    Sickened with what the ZTE proposal embodied I informed my partners through telephone about my objections against and refusal to partner up with ZTE.

    Shortly after this conversations I received a furious and a rage call from this senior powerful person who was fuming mad over the conversations I thought I had had in private.

    When I asked this powerful person how he got this information he shouted that he had my cellphone bugged and threatened to give and my father a transcript of my conversations with my partner.

    I calmly requested that I’d be given such a transcript because I know that wiretapping is illegal and I would be happy and I would happily stand by my convictions against the ZTE proposal before my father.

    I never did receive the transcript.

    I was however offered several opportunities to reconcile with this senior powerful person by Secretary Leandro Mendoza of the DOTC.

    Although I had no intention to pursue the partnership and was intent to push for AHI’s proposals on the basis of its merits I would not decline the opportunity to patch things up with the powerful person.

    In one such reconciliatory meeting the person, the media has now dubbed as the mystery man, attended that meeting.

    His participation in the NBN project is however still unclear to me.

    I only know that he was present at the meeting where intermediaries sought to clear the air between the powerful man and I.

    Needless to state the ZTE broadband project was discussed openly in that meeting.

    As I had feared despite my efforts to dissuade decision makers from inking the deal with ZTE it appears that AHI’s unsolicited proposal was shelved in favor of the overpriced ZTE proposal.

    Although I’m no longer, under oath, interested in the project my company has filed a petition before the Supreme Court to compel the DOTC to reveal the terms of the ZTE deal contract for the sake of transparency and public information.

    Beyond that I have no further interest in the NBN project.

    Many have said that I’m only sour graping because my company and I lost the project.

    If this deal goes through it is not only my loss but the loss of the entire Filipino people.

    That is what I seek to prevent.

    I had been constrained to execute and affidavit detailing the graft and corruption and betrayal of the public trust that is the NBN project.

    I have named the senior powerful person in my affidavit and do so before this honorable chamber and under oath the powerful person as COMELEC (Commission on Elections) chairman Benjamin Abalos.

    It was Chairman Abalos who was pushing for this ZTE proposal.

    It was also COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos who stood to receive for himself any kickbacks from the colossal overpricing of the NBN project.

    It was COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos who fumed and raged at me when he found out the AHI would be pursuing its original contract as submitted to the DOTC without the unnecessary government loan or guarantee.

    True to form it was also him that threatened to have Mr. Jarius Bondoc and I killed for informing the public of his wrongdoings.

    When my father suggested the rescission of the ZTE deal it was also COMELEC chairman Abalos who refused and said and I quote "then Joey will win" unquote.

    It was then that he threatened my life.

    I have previously mentioned to reveal the identity of the mystery man under oath and in the proper forum.

    It is with a heavy heart that I cannot deny that it was First Gentleman Mike Arroyo at the reconciliatory meeting.

    I do however want to make clear that it was his presence alone that I observed and had no other indication of his participation in the NBN project for the deal with ZTE.

    I executed my affidavit and make my statement now only in the spirit of truth and transparency.

    I’ve never intended to malign or defame any person.

    It is in this light that I offer my sincere and heartfelt apologies and regrets to retired police general Edgar Dula Torre who I mistakenly named as part of the chairman’s cabal.

    I was only recently informed that it was actually police retired general Quirino dela Torre who accompanied Chairman Abalos when we had met on the NBN project.

    To [retired] police general Edgar Dula Torre, his spouse and his family I offer my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and ill-repute I may have caused you and your family.

    Aside from that regrettable error I stand by the contents of my affidavit.

    I have, against the well-meaning advice of my friends and loved ones, disclosed all I know about the NBN project and have sadly exposed myself, my partners, my family to unimaginable risk and at that from undisclosed orders.

    This is the price I have to pay for following my conscience and performing my civic duty.

    I now testify before this honorable chamber as part of this civic duty and in support of any legislation to strengthen and expand the BOT law.

    I remain steadfast in my belief that such legislation can only prevent government projects from being vehicles for corrupt and illegal enrichment at the expense of the Filipino people.

    Thank you.
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    May 2005
    sobra din talaga kapal ng mukha... as if may maniniwala pa sa pinagsasasabi nya!

    [SIZE=3]Ridiculous! - Abalos[/SIZE]

    Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. on Tuesday denied the "ridiculous" testimony of Jose "Joey" de Venecia III, son of Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., during the Senate inquiry into the allegedly overpriced National Broadband Network (NBN) deal between the Philippine government and China's ZTE Corp.
    "Do I have that kind of influence? Do I have that kind of ***ual prowess? Do I have the capability to bug telephone lines? Ridiculous!" Abalos told reporters.
    Abalos added that de Venecia's testimonies are not only ridiculous, but also "inconsistent." He also denied the meetings mentioned by de Venecia at the Senate inquiry.
    The poll chief said he is now thinking of what move to make regarding de Venecia's statement at the Senate inquiry led by the Blue Ribbon Committee which is chaired by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.
    Abalos, meanwhile, denied that he "refused" to attend the inquiry. He said he was merely protecting the independence of COMELEC, as an institution, from the Senate.

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    Oct 2002
    arroyo vs jdv

    chinese vs US interests


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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by A121 View Post
    Bakit kasali sa bidding yung anak ni JDV in the first place?
    Oo nga, pwede siyang bweltahan dun. Conflict of interest.

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Abalos again!!!???