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    May 2006
    Parang mafia story tong ngyayari. May kumanta,may delikado ang buhay,May pinababantayan, may deal na milyones ang halaga, may *** involved. etc etc...Parang new york circa 1930's

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    Jun 2006
    ang dami na nasangkutang anomalya yang si Abalos ... wala pa rin delicadezang magbitiw sa pwesto. o mag hara kiri.
    tapos dadagdagan pa ng isa pa.

    ganyan na ang nangyayare kahit na marami na bumabatikos at nag ra-rally
    eh paano pa kung wala ???

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    Sep 2003
    Bakit i-suspend lang?

    Dapat i-cancel na yung contract with ZTE.


    'NBN deal Suspension Meant to Discourage Neri'

    Malacañang's decision to suspend the multimilion-dollar broadband contract between the government and China's ZTE Corp. is meant to discourage former National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) secretary general Romulo Neri from testifying in the Senate, a whistleblower said Saturday.

    "I think this is a calculated move. This is a calculated move to convince Neri not to show up at Wednesday's hearing in the Senate because he has a lot to say about the deal," Philippine Star columnist Jarius Bondoc told radio DZMM.

    Bondoc, who first broke the news about irregularities in the contract, questioned the Malacañang announcement. "Why suspension? Why not a cancellation?" he asked.

    He said local telecommunications firms previously questioned why the government is rushing the $329-million broadband deal.

    President Arroyo on Saturday ordered the suspension of the contract amid allegations that the deal is overpriced by at least $130 million.

    Trade Secretary Peter Favila said Mrs. Arroyo personally gave him instructions to suspend the contract. "I think this is the best thing to do now. Those are her instructions," he said in a radio DZMM interview.

    Acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera said the suspension does not mean that the deal was corrupt.

    Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Senate Blue-Ribbon Committee chairman, said the upper chamber will continue its inquiry on the broadband deal next week.

    Neri on Friday told ABS-CBN that he is prepared to reveal everything he knows about the controversial NBN deal in the Senate hearing on Wednesday.

    Neri, who headed the NEDA before being transferred to the Commission on Higher Education, had to approve the NBN deal before it was signed by Mrs. Arroyo.

    Sources earlier told ABS-CBN and other media organizations that Neri opposed the deal but was offered a bribe of P200 million by elections chief Benjamin Abalos Sr. to change his mind.

    Neri reportedly turned down the offer but still approved the contract after receiving instructions from the President.

    Businessman Jose "Joey" de Venecia III earlier said Neri was the "missing piece of the puzzle" who would corroborate his testimony that Abalos brokered the NBN deal.

    "Romy [Romulo] Neri is the missing piece of this puzzle. He has mentioned about the bribe. He has mentioned that he was forced to sign and approve this process," he said.
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    Nov 2006
    Masyado na talga tayong niloloko ng taong ito!

    Paiba iba ang mga dahilan pati nun isang gabi sa news...lumabas pa un asawa nya kesyo nag pa opera na daw ng prostate gland...kaya wala na daw ano....kaya imposible daw un paratang na madami syang babaeng nakasama sa China...

    Ewan ko, d ako doctor...pero kng inoperahan ba ang prostate mo wala ka ng urge? D naman ata eto parehas ng castration noh?

    Abalos....isa kang #*!$!*&&!(*! ...wala ka ng hiya!

    Bahala na si Lord sa inyo....

    At yang si FG, swerte k lang nun operasyon araw din kayo...


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    Dec 2004
    Eto kasing sina Mike A at Abalos eh walang kabusugan kaya pati yang walang kwentang NBN project na hindi naman kailangan eh pinatulan nila.... Bahala na sa inyo si GOD!!

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    Jun 2007
    Uy, nagkakagulo na naman sa Mindanoa. Nagdududa na ako. Pag may bulok na lumalabas na ginawa ang gobyerno bilang nagkakagulo. Ano ito psy war o Diversionary tactic na naman?

    Kaya pala gusto nilang i-abolish senate. Pag sa Congress yan, absuwelto kaagad sina Mendoza, Abalos etc. Pero kung SEnado yari. So the best way alisin ang senado para tuloy-tuloy na ligaya ng Kamag-anak at kahuthutan inc.

    Kapag hindi inayos ito ni Presidente Arroyo. After 2010, tatanghaling pangalawa sa pinakabulok na administrasyon sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas ang panahon ni Arroyo. Ang Una ay yung Kay mArcos.

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    Nov 2006
    I'm quoting what I had just read today...

    Comelec Chairman Ben Abalos has just destroyed what little is left of his reputation. After Comelec next year, I don’t think Ben Abalos will be a viable candidate for any job, even as a secondhand-car salesman.
    poor Mr. Abalos.

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    nako maniwala kayo sa bad karma... mga sugapa kayo sa pera! FG, abalos, mendoza... dadating din ang araw nyo mga swapang!

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    Oct 2002
    sa news last nite, ewan ko if sadya or slip of the tounge lang.. sabi kasi ng asawa ni abalos, na-opera na si abalos sa *** wherein di sya pwede maki-pag engage sa girl, so di daw totoo ang mga chinese women na kasama doon sa china he he he

    *** ito yata ang cause ng death, ni sen roco

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    Oct 2002
    * chua_riwap,

    malacanang is making a PR na sila nag suspend ng NBN deal but it was clearly stated in the Inquirer news that the SC suspended thru TRO. pinapalabas lang ng malacanang na sila ng suspend para kunwari maganda purpose nila.


    No excuse

    Inquirer EDITORIAL
    Last updated 02:04am (Mla time) 09/23/2007

    MANILA, Philippines -- Haste makes waste -- and lays waste to the cause of good government. It was with apparent haste that reporters were summoned yesterday to hear Trade Secretary Peter Favila and acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera announce the latest instructions from the President: Both the ZTE deal and the Cyber Education Project have been suspended.

    This is like the President saying, at 4:40 in the afternoon, she’s issued a decree ordering the sun to set later in the day. Of course, there will be a sunset, but only a fool would attribute it to the President. But the Palace obviously thinks there are plenty of fools. For only foolish minds would confuse the President’s instructions with anything substantial. What has put the ZTE deal on hold took place prior to the President’s issuing her instructions. The deal was put on hold, and remains on hold, because of a TRO issued by the Supreme Court.

    Therefore it really doesn’t matter at all, what the President’s instructions are—even with regard to the Cyber Education Project, which we already predicted will be the next focus of congressional and public inquiry. So the obvious thing here is, this is a public relations move, but it does not affect basic government policy.

    And we say haste lays waste to good government, because pressed on what government intended to do next, and why the administration suddenly reversed itself on two huge projects, the two secretaries were at a loss for words. Favila simply stated the President told them what to say. Devanadera, obviously less politically suave, then told the media that the ZTE deal was legally defensible; Favila then told the media that the President’s decision was triggered by “bad publicity”—see how it’s basically a PR move?

    The question then becomes, will the President’s weekend attempt to take credit for an act of the Supreme Court be enough to defuse tensions? Will it be enough, for example, to maintain the brittle peace within her ruling coalition? Could it stop a potentially explosive Senate hearing on Wednesday, where former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri is due to testify under oath?

    Newsbreak has put forward this version of events. The Comelec chair, its report says, approached then Neda chief Neri for “help” with the ZTE deal. Neri replied he’d take a look. Abalos, the report says, took this to mean Neri wasn’t interested, so he quickly said, “There’s 200 for you here.” Neri asked what he meant. Abalos allegedly replied, “200 million.” End of conversation.

    Neri, the report says, then went to the President and told her about the offer. When Neri told her that he refused it, the President supposedly told him to forget the money but to approve the deal. Two days later, Neri was removed from the National Economic and Development Authority.

    This is a version of events that requires investigation. With both Abalos and Neri scheduled to appear before the Senate, now, more than ever, the hearings should proceed.

    The administration pulled out all the stops to try to deflect attention and reduce the focus on the NBN controversy, using fair means and foul. Everything and everyone—from presidential daughter Evangeline “Luli” Arroyo’s display of cattiness, to the AFP chief of staff’s blowhard statements of a destabilization plot and how martial law is a necessary tool in government’s legal arsenal, to this, the latest clumsy move by the President— have been tried.

    The Senate then must ponder if it wants to be an accomplice to this effort to sweep things under the rug, or if it will pull the rug out from under the feet of some extremely nervous officials. The President said the ZTE contract would be suspended—“no ifs, ands or buts.” What there should be no ifs, ands or buts about is that the public interest requires a continuation of the Senate hearings.

    The hearings themselves, after all, not only subject executive officials to much-needed public scrutiny, they also put the senators under the microscope. This can only be healthy for the body politic. This is what public accountability is all about. May we remind the President of one of her favorite expressions: “Let the chips fall where they may.”

    Even at the very desk of the President of the Philippines, if necessary.
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Abalos again!!!???