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    Oct 2002
    Craw, yung jeepney PUV na yon. Public Utility Vehicle. hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by crawdaddy
    ako rin, Leon275. anyway, so ang mga Jeepneys natin dito considered as AUV yun, kasi sabi ni BlackMagic:
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic
    pero the term Asian Utility Vehicle is just a coined term. Since AUV are predominantly sold in Asia particularly 3rd world countries in Asia thus the term. It is designed for use in the Asian market as a vehicle that could seat 8-10 people, could haul goods and be used for commercial purposes.
    tama ba?
    well, for the sake of argument, i guess you could call the jeepney an AUV. but for easier identification, it's a jeepney. :wink:

    the AUVs started with the passenger type fieras, tamaraws and L300s. same function as jeepeneys, they load the same way as jeepneys, and in some provinces, it's quite hard to tell them apart, what with the local iron works cutting apart original Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsu, etc. bits and pieces and putting them together in the jeepney mold.

    then, they evolved into wagon type vehicles, such as the FX which is now the Revo, and the highlander which is now the Crosswind, and the adventure, which is still the adventure. :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    ahhh... hehehehe! o nga...

    thanks man! :D

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    Oct 2002
    Oh, addendum lang..... Jeepneys (Jitneys) will always be jeepneys. Backyard Engineering lang po sila (no offense to Jeepney peeps). AUVs were (are) developed by Big corporations like Toyota and Ford. Hehehe..... If you can relate with a ford fiera.... matanda ka na! (like me hehehe :mrgreen: )

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    Oct 2002
    SUV = Luxury, usually 4X4 vehicles ...

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what does AUV and XUV mean?