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    Aug 2004
    I don't hate SUVs per se... but the fact that many people buy them for the wrong reasons and use them incorrectly. There's also a certain arrogance to some SUV drivers and owners, in the way they try to push you around and out of their way on the road.

    But I have enjoyed riding in SUVs, hauling large loads (lumber, in the US) and doing the odd bit of off-roading. I just don't see the point in having an SUV if you don't need to do either.

    Bikes... well, most big bikers are sane, safe and stay out of your way. It's certain scooteristas that piss me off. Again, there's that arrogance in how they treat other road users, plus the reckless nature of most scooter riders. There was a time not so long ago, when the scooter fad took off, when we had at least one fatality a week here in the Biñan area.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by niky
    I don't hate SUVs per se... but the fact that many people buy them for the wrong reasons and use them incorrectly.
    precisely, like people buying roll-over prone SUVs and fits it with 22" bling-blings with sport tires. Dont alot of them know that it would just speed up the tipping of the vehicle? low profile tires and SUVs dont mix.
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    Jan 2003
    ah i see..... anyway... i still find SUV's more practical for me.... lots of space compared to cars and more ground clearance for potholes and floods.... anyway you as a responsible driver should know your ride's limits or end up paying for the consequences..

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    a fellow tsikot member starts a thread about the bad points of an SUV or a Motorcycle, you accuse them of hating it?

    back to the topic agree with niky, people get a false sense of security when driving an SUV, like being able to drive thru floods... I saw this Expedition fording waist deep water in timog ave on a rainy saturday night, guess what? It stalled... yup the driver stoped in deepest part of the flood and tried to back up bad move.

    Do I have SUVs? no, I have one myself. I just drive sensibly.

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    Jun 2005
    i think it boils down to the driver. esp the ones who drive their suvs like cars.

    few days ago severe weather dito sa l.a. galing ako sa dealer one afternoon. when i got to the freeway, there were debris on the road, water puddles, poor visibility, and hard rain. i only drove around 40-60mph (70-80mph normally) just like most of the vehicles and with headlights on (new law). i have anti-slip, stability control, etc but i dont want to get too dependent and comfy and drive faster due to the road conditions. i noticed cars driving faster but most were a bunch of older suburbans, f150s, rams, and other full size suvs with lights off, driving faster than everyone, and making quick lane changes without signalling! i really dont care if they crash, except they may affect others or me.

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    Sep 2004
    I don't think it's fair to point to an SUV's size alone. Call it a long shot, but I think auto manufacturers themselves should also share the blame, especially those who produce and promote SUVs that supposedly have car-like interiors, handling and performance. It might as well be an implicit encouragement to a motorist to drive his SUV as if he were on the Indianapolis 500. All that marketing promise can be used as a convenient excuse to be reckless on the road.

    It's no different here. Trucks and buses are not that dangerous by themselves, with their slow speeds and large sizes that make them easier to spot on the road. It's what the driver does with the vehicle that makes the big difference.

    And as mentioned, all the safety features you can afford aren't worth jack if you don't know how to use them, whether you're using a car or an SUV.
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    suv man o small sedan, remember that full frontal crash tests are done at only 35 mph (56.3 kph) vehicle speed. so no matter how well the vehicle withstood the crash test at 56.3 kph, it will not survive one at 100 kph*. and no matter how well the crash test dummies faired during the crash test at 56.3 kph, YOU will not likely survive a crash at 100 kph. a 3 ton suv will fold up into one ugly pile of scrap metal at 100 kph as any 1 ton sedan. e paano pa kung head-on colission?

    * the almost doubling in speed from 56.3 kph to 100 kph results to a 215% increase in energy (or 3.15 times), not just double. remember that kinetic energy is equal to the mass x the square of the speed/2.
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    Oct 2002
    i used to hate suv's too, but only because i couldn't see over them. there are many jackass suv drivers in florida, but there are just as many jackass car, motorcycle and truck drivers too.

    but then i got over it...then i didn't hate them anymore....then i kinda liked them...and now i own one :bwahaha:

    the best thing i like about my suv is that i can see over all the cars

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    Jan 2005
    sport-utility vehicles aren't any safer for children because of their propensity to flip over,
    LIKE DUH. my goodness.

    and shempre, there will ALWAYS be the driver element that determines at the end of the day whether the car gets home safe in one piece or in a lot of pieces.

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    Nov 2002

    SUVs not safer for children, study says

    Panu ung mga matatanda? Safe pa rin sila?

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SUVs Not Safer for Children