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    May 2005
    Hello guys i am having a problem with getting the correct muffler.When i got my assembled wrangler it had a surplus muffler it was a silencer type well that one rusted out so i got another one put in at a local muffler shop it was half the length of the original one and its diameter was a little smaller the original one was actually preatty big but what i notice when they put the new one in there was a great decrease in power it felt like the engine was chocking.So i ended up putting in a straight through exhaust great power output great response but damn noisy..I was thinking about getting an elf type muffler which is a straight pipe with only one division...any suggestions?does larger exhaust diameter increase power?

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    Aug 2004
    Diesel or Gas? You might be stuck with buying an expensive straight muffler. If you only spent 1 thou to 3 thou on your straight through, baka kulang yon sa glass fiber na filler. You can get a decently quiet one for around 5 thou plus.

    Depends on how well the muffler is matched to the engine and the exhaust pipe. Siyempre, if the muffler tip is much smaller that the exhaust pipe before it, you'll lose some power, but that's often what it takes to make the engine quiet.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2005
    its a diesel.

Muffler problem