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    Oct 2002

    When you get used to driving your car a lot on the track, kahit anong oto mamanehohin mo like it is a track car! ;)


    Yup I guess I can do that, but the Ranger is about a week old, so sayang yung factory warranty, baka ma-void. I'm waiting for the OE tires and the suspension to give so I'll have justifiable reason to buy the Old Man Emu suspension. ;)

    As for the brakes, the stopping power is fine. My problem is the tires and suspension. The tire's grip are easily overpowered by the brakes and the suspension pitches too much under hard braking, further reducing load on the rear tires and helping them lock-up.

    The SS brake lines are a bit too much, since the controls of the pick-up are on the soft side, which I would like to keep. If I oput them on, I'll be increasing pedal effort, the last thing I wanna do. ;)

    Para hindi hassle ang daily driving sa traffic.

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    Oct 2002
    BTW, be careful on wet roads, based on experience, the rears tend to slide out unexpectedly or the rear brakes lock up easily when the truck has no load.

    BTW, is your Ranger a 2.5 or 2.9?

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    Oct 2002
    Its a 2.5 TD XLT.

    I really think its the rear leaf springs that are too stiff.

    Hmm, maybe I can remove ONE of the leaf springs......................... Hehehehehehehehehe ;)

    Don't worry vinj, I'm somewhat of a crazy driver, driving the pick-up like my car, pero I'm not stupid to test its wet-weather capabilities YET especially since its a bnew truck for work, not play. :D

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    Nov 2002
    i also drive a pickup and the improvements ii make to make it handle better are

    installed aftermarket shocks (OME) by the way works very good and durable. 5 yrs.

    changed the rubber bushings in the sway bar in the front to polyurethanes.

    got one leaf out and inverted the overload spring.

    put a 60 kilo ballast in the rear so that rear tires will gain more traction in the curves and mud.

    as for the tires i suggest you use dunlops pt1. softer compound for the street.

    hope this would help imrove your pick up.

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    Oct 2002
    i think you should stiffen the front to reduce nosedive. softening the rear will keep it from bouncing about, but under braking the car will still pitch if the front is soft.

    interestingly, natutuwa ako paglaruan yung adjustable damping ng pajero. the nosedive on braking is reduced quite a bit by setting it to "hard" mode.

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    Oct 2002

    As it is, the fronts are already stiff. Any stiffer and I'd get bounced off the road. You should know, yung Lancer mo masyado na matigas, kawawa ka nun sa STAR tollway. ;)

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    Oct 2002
    actually, my car feels horribly slow and dim-witted everytime i leave the karting track. everything seems to be in slow motion, until i check the speedo and read 160kph =)

    my suspension is progressive to an extent. the car doesn't quite bounce off (as tested along the c5 flyovers) as it used to under the harder settings. i'll try bringing the height down a bit and then see how the handling changes. tell me how your ranger works out, and your car too.

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