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    Oct 2002
    With the neverending gas price increase, everybody is getting squeezed and every drop of gas is very precious. I saw this sign in a gasoline station: "Gas Pumps are calibrated daily". It occured to me that they might be cheating in the actual amount of gas they pump in vehicles. If they calibrate to reflect the correct amount, well and good, if not, that's really a bad case of dishonesty. Now, I wonder who watches over these calibrations. Are we to take their word for it, that they are honest in their trade?

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    Oct 2002
    Looks like you have the point here, Sir Stormer !! Mukhang nadadaya pa tayo ng kunti ..

    How about yong mga digital kailangan din bang i-calibrate araw araw??

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    Oct 2002
    Di naman po ibig sabihin calibrated everyday. What they do is get a container with markings tapos fill it with a certain amount of gasoline, say 5 liters, and compare it against the digital readout.