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    Sep 2003
    naka 2c na sya before the recovery, he even showed it to us (alfred & me) pang corona daw na jdm

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Ungas
    Naman eh! Nang-aano ka nanaman odell! :D

    Pero kidding aside kung gusto mo malapit sa offroading dun sa Maarat, may nakita akong bahay for sale along the way. Nasa taas ka na ng bundok, malamang pwede mo na rin lakarin papuntang table top.
    ungas::: para kayong mag ama. HAHAHAHA

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Kicker15
    guys again thank you very much dun sa help ninyo. kahit na galit kayo kay emboy pasensya na po. sana he learned from this experience, i know i did.
    hindi po kami galit kay eman. he was just in the wrong place at the right time.

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    Oct 2002
    I'm a guy who looks for something positive in times like this. Here they are:

    1. The recovery team found out that my timing was off (delay). This could have contributed to the engine conking out during the ascent on that faithful afternoon.

    2. Water could be present in my gas tank. Change the tank cover with a sliding keyhole cover. Samurai tank has no drain plug. I guess I just have to wait until the tank is almost empty and fill it up full.

    3. Ignition coil (OEM) has a loose inside connection. Replaced it with a BOSCH unit. Better getting stuck up there than in a deserted street in Metro Manila.

    4. All of the above could have contributed to my low gas mileage.

    5. I had one broken shock and shock mount. Had it repaired at Elias place. Found out that KYBs shock are cheaper (P635) at Fernando's than in Banawe (P850).

    6. My clutch system is still fine.

    BTW, did I mention that Trup gave me his SIEMENS ME45 car lighter charger. Thanks Trup.

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