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    Oct 2002
    Hella Releases HydroLUX® Submersible Driving Lamps at the 2003 AAAA Show

    June 19, 2003 - Hella Australia is pleased to unveil a most significant advance in automotive auxiliary lighting products at the 2003 AAAA Trade Show being held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from June 19 to 21.

    The Hella HydroLUX® is the aftermarket's first fully submersible driving lamp. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Hella HydroLUX® driving lamps provide unprecedented levels of reliability for regular off road users and in particular professional operators of mining, military and emergency service vehicles.

    Hella, the global leader in automotive lighting innovation, has developed a patented multi-chamber isobaric system for HydroLUX® that prevents water ingress to optical components during river or flooded road crossings, whilst still enabling rapid service access without compromising long-term seal reliability.

    The Hella HydroLUX® is the most significant advance in submersible driving lights for more than a decade, and the submersible lamp utilises Hella's world famous Free Form optics. Two beam distributions are available, a Pencil beam and a Spread beam - both with clear glass lenses offering brilliant lighting for the most adverse and extreme driving conditions.

    Each Hella HydroLUX® submersible driving lamp carries a unique serial number, and is individually tested to a depth of one metre and issued with a certificate of conformance to Hella's rigorous quality standards. HydroLUX® driving lamps are engineered to a standard, not a price featuring premium die-cast bodies and brackets made from custom alloys to ensure maximum corrosion resistance and superb mechanical protection of the optical components. Oven cured UV resistant polyester powder coating provides a low sheen finish that will ensure many years of service under the harsh Australian sun.

    Service access has not been forgotten in the world-leading Hella HydroLUX® submersible driving lamp design, with frontal captive hex-head bolts facilitating fast globe replacement. One-way fitment ensures correct assembly and sealing for any recreation or emergency services user and even the captive 2.5 metre cable has come under detailed Hella design. This includes double silicone insulation for maximum heat and UV protection while removing all plugs and joints from the areas most commonly exposed to corrosion and moisture.

    Inspect the Hella HydroLUX® fully submersible driving lamps along with the full range of Hella automotive aftermarket products that are leading the way due to innovation rather than imitation at Stand C20 at the 2003 AAAA Trade Show. (Melbourne Exhibition Centre from June 19-21).

    For more information, contact Hella customer service on 1800 061 729

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    May 2004
    That's Great! I have seen rigs with Big Fat Bolder Branded Fog Lamps installed on the bumpers that are filled with water after River Crossings! Sayang! Considering the costs of these lights could reach tens of thousands! And afterwards Rusts sets in! Tsk! Tsk!

    I would like to buy one for me for sure, but are these Lamps available locally?

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    Oct 2002
    Wala pa ata dito sa Pinas, it was introduced first in Australia. Maybe a couple of months lets see....

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    Oct 2002
    Water proof nga sya, nakikita ko na ito before sa magazines. Kaso madugo din ang presyo. Mas mahal pa sa LightForce. One thing I notice is, why make it small?

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    Oct 2002

    Lightforce HID nalang tayo. Hehehe! Waterproof pala siya. Ganda rin ng price!

    HID 240 - As if the RMDL 240 wasn't enough, the new HID 240 delivers unmatched performance. Imagine 1 mile of visibility using Xenon discharge technology, and only 1/3 the electrical power of the RMDL240, in a self contained, Fully hermetically sealed (waterproof), and has all the valuable feature of LightForce products. SOLD AS SINGLE UNITS
    Price: $799.95 Sale Price: $749.95

    1.5-million Candlepower from a 2.92-amp Draw
    9.5-inch Diameter
    The First Integrated Ballast
    Waterproof and Shatterproof Construction
    Half the Weight of Competitors
    Convert from Pencil to Driving Beam
    Double the Versatility with Filters
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    Oct 2002
    Nyaak! Intayin ko muna ibagsak nila yung price, di ko kakayanin ganyan kamahal. O kaya gawing Peso yung Aus Dollar sign.

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    Oct 2002
    Sayang, di na siya adjustable spot beam to flood like or 240s. Pero at least compatible pa sa snap-on filters.

hella hydrolux submersible to 1meter