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    Apr 2003
    Hi folks. My family got a 4x2 A/T D-Max last January. It's a great vehicle and we're very satisfied with it in all aspects except for the stiff rear suspension. Any suggestions on what can be done to eliminate the harsh ride? Thank you. ;)

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    Oct 2002
    first of all, it's pick is made for heavy loads.thats why matagtag siya at matigas ang ride dahil ang purpose niya is to carry heavy stuff.

    try to source out some good shocks nalang sa front..maybe a fluid shock sa front will do...

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    Oct 2002
    Sir Isketi,

    si LORD GLENSSTER AY TAMA... PICK UP YAN EH... kailangan na stiffer ang ride niya to cope up with the demands nang load...

    Don't ever INVERT the Springs... dahil yung demand load mo baka macompromise.. hanap ka na alng nang AFTERMARKET SHOCKS

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    May 2004
    You can put some load on the bed to soften the ride:D

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    Oct 2002
    Contact mo sa arb. He installed Old Man EMU shocks on a DMAX in Bacolod which resulted in a ride improvement.

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    Apr 2003
    Thanks for your suggestions guys. Yup, we know it's a pickup but we testdrove other pickups like the Strada, Frontier & Ranger before deciding to get the D-Max & we experienced an almost carlike ride with the Strada & the worst ride in the Frontier. At least, 'di naman pinakamatalbog ang D-Max . Moreover, we have travelled several times in the D-Max with 5 average sized adults and the cargo bed full with 2 sacks of rice, 3 large coolers of fish and our bags but still, the ride was harsh. We don't usually haul heavy stuff, we're actually just after the high ground clearance of the vehicle para may magagamit kami pag may konting baha. We would have wanted the Trooper but it's way beyond our budget . We're more inclined to do the spring reversal scheme since malamang mahal magpalit ng shocks. :D

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    Nov 2002
    it all boils down to you needs ng pick-up. if you use it to haul then stick with your present set-up, but if for occasional loading lang, then there are a lot of ways to improve the ride, from leaf modification, changing spring packs, shock absorber change and others.

    with regards to changing to fluid shocks, na ka gas ka na why go back to fluid, fluid shocks does not neccesarily mean a better ride, softer on some instances but no more vehicle control, faster fading shocks and watery ride.

    yes changing shocks to aftermarket ones is expensive, but this are just parts that you can change, once you suffer from back pains due to the hard ride of your vehicle, id rather change shocks that to let my body suffer na walang spare parts available. PM me if you want to improve the ride i can give suggestions or email me.

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    Oct 2002
    3 sacks of rice, 3 large of coolers, tapos 5 adults.........and still matagtag pa rin????

    hmmm sobrang tagtag naman yata ng Dmax?

    try mo mas cheaper na KYB GAS-ADJUST shocks

    under 1K each

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    Oct 2002
    looks like the mitsu strada is still the winner in passenger comfort category.....hehehehe and I thought that the Dmax was much better in terms of ride coz it has a bigger body w/c means heavier than the previous model....seems like they updated the leaf springs as well to a harder one....hehehe

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    Jan 2003
    weird..I thought having that much load would make the ride much better. Well, I've tried it on my strada less bumpy. But of course, the loading capacity must be taken into consideration. According to my passengers, it was less bumpy with the load. But their main concern was the seats... :confused: I was totally shocked the first time I heard it. Well, to my observation and testing...lo and behold, yes the rear seats were higher than the front ones. It seemed that the rear seats were stiffer and the "bucket like" comfort was not there. I haven't tried the rear seats of the other pickups but so far the rear pickup seats I've rode on was the explorer's was far better then my strada's. Probably, change the rear seats? hehehe :D

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