ATTN CAR CLUBS: Your own free subforum in

With the new forum set-up (with forums segregated according to car manufacturer/brand), tsikot is now offering separate subforums for car clubs for free.

With a subforum, car club officers and members can now start threads (regarding group activities, meetings, etc), post announcements, attach photos, etc in their respective subforum.

This is open to all online and offline car clubs in the Philippines. This is's humble way in promoting all the different car clubs in the country and foster friendship, cooperation and camaraderie among them.

This way, can help the different car clubs present their organizations, communities, websites, activities, advocacies, etc... and invite tsikoteers to become members.

If interested, please PM tsikot and indicate the following:

Proposed Subforum Name
Club/Organization Name
Parent Forum (eg. Ford Forum)
Tsikot Nick of Car Club Representative (for moderating purposes)
Contact Person (full name, e-mail address, contact number)