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    The Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program is being implemented in order to attract new investments, stimulate demand and effectively implement industry regulations that will revitalize the Philippine automotive industry, and develop the country as a regional automotive manufacturing hub.

    The thrust of the CARS Program is to provide time-bound, and output or performance-based fiscal support to attract strategic investments in the manufacturing of motor vehicles and parts thereof. Other non-fiscal measures already provided by existing laws, rules and regulations, shall continue to be systematically implemented by the relevant government agencies.

    CARS is intended to augment and enhance the policy directions of existing motor vehicle development programs towards ensuring a resurgent automotive industry that supports innovation, technology transfer, environmental protection, and SME development; enable the country’s automotive industry to seize market opportunities opened by the ASEAN Economic Community and deepen its participation in the regional supply chain; and boost the manufacturing capability of the overall industrial sector, spur growth of SMEs and create more jobs in the country.

    Below is the full text of EO 182. The CARS Program Implementing Rules and Regulations (CARS IRR) can be found here; the Joint Administrative Order (CARS JAO 01-2015) establishing the tax payment certificate (TPC) mechanism to implement the fiscal support incentive is here.

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    Good to hear that toyota and Mitsubishi are still investing here.
    But the biggest fear for other car companies is actually the instability of politics in the country. Mas lalo ang ating duterte na minumura ang mga kakamping bansa. Sayang since we could get a piece of the pie from Thailand. I think better pa rin incentives in Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpdm View Post
    I hope this changes the curve in our foreign investment climate... We desperately need jobs for our people...

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    Smart and bright people in this government thinks otherwise, gusto nga nila taasan ng husto tax sa pagbili ng kotse para daw wala na makibili ng kotse dahil yun daw ang cause ng trapik! Talino nila talaga!

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    Hope mitsu brings in their safety tech package currently available in thailand.

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    Toyota and Mitsubishi risk missing out on Philippine auto perk | Nikkei Asian Review

    Of the two, Mitsubishi faces a tougher schedule. The company has a February 2023 deadline to attain the 200,000-vehicle target. So far, Mitsubishi has only produced 50,000 Mirages.
    Toyota is in a better position since the Vios enjoyed healthy sales and the deadline is further out, in 2024. But total output still falls far short of 200,000 cars, making for a steep hill to attaining that goal.

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