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    Oct 2005
    Just bought a toyota privia l991 >200,000 miles on it. I need it for work. The gas consumption is eating me alive.

    Where could I find out what this car should consume miles per gallon?

    Right now it seems that I am getting 15 mpg. That seems real high for this car . You agree?

    Where could I get a user manual for the vehicle?

    It has other problems, but right now I need to improve the gas consumption. What advice do you have?


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    Aug 2003
    complete maintenance? that's a heck of a lot of miles. at the very minimum i'd change the oil and oil filter, the fuel and air filter, the spark plugs, and the belts. then i'd have the timing checked and the air/fuel mix adjusted (if it's a carburated car), or, have the codes dumped if it's fuel-injected.

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    Dec 2003
    200,000 miles?? thats 320,000 kms! i think a complete engine rebuild/overhaul, cooling system overhaul is in order....

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    Aug 2003
    yeah, that's quite a bit of mileage, and on a 14-year old car to boot. but i didn't mention the expensive/scary problems first. cheap things first. but it's probably burning oil like an oil field in Iraq..

    FWIW, the lexus I6 engine and the mazda KL03/KLZE V6 are supposed to last well beyond 200,000 miles with no problems.

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