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    Oct 2006
    Hello po mga sir,

    Just bought po a second hand vti 2000 a/t with 63k mileage 2 months ago and just learned that I can ask for your help here... The day after I bought my second hand car, I had it oil & coolant changed and checked the brakes and under chassy. So far ok naman po... now my question po is... since I don't have a maintenance record, how would I know if need ko na po palitan yung timing belt and fluids.... What other things that need to be checked.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Oct 2002
    Just to be sure, change the ATF, brake fluid, coolant and fuel filters. If you have the budget then it wont hurt to change the T-belt (although this has to be changed every 80,000kms on a Civic i think)... i'd consider changing the T-belt if there's no service records (missing) and you have some doubts on the actual vehicle mileage. You can probably check with the CASA where the car was purchased for any records.

    Clean the brakes, a/c system, and have your underchassis checked as well.

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    Dec 2005
    When you have the timing belt changed, damay mo na din water pump and bearings para isang labor cost na lang. Since 63k pa lang odo, I would think hindi pa napalitan yan.

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    Oct 2006
    Is it necessary po ba to use honda genuine fluids and bring the car to a casa para lahat ng parts original or pwede na sya sa auto shop. Does it make a difference po ba except of course for the cost, how about po sa quality ng work? Which is better and practical po. tnx.

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    Oct 2002
    No. Just use fluids of the same grade. Even Honda fluids are not made by Honda. They just package it in Honda containers.

    If you really like original parts, they can be purchased outside the casa. I just use quality replacements on almost everything. From the Hyundai to the Benz. I don't see why a Honda needs such special attention.

    Quality depends on the guy working on your car and nature of the job. Even Honda has lousy techs in their ranks. There is no one-stop-specialized-in-everything-shop (the shop whose name begins with an 'R' and is color yellow is just one big scam operation for me. If you bring it to a good a/c shop, e.g. Mang Mario's, then they will do a good a/c job. Just don't ask them to fix the suspension unless you want a wrench flying in your direction.

    If you don't really like to spend time on car maintenance, just send it to the casa and spend $$$.

    Here's my current gameplan:
    Maintenance and repair work (light and standard): GlennSter's store, Mang Dick, or Ferdie
    M and R work (heavy or requiring specialized equipment): Motorcraft Banawe or Wheeler's Suspension Haus
    Suspension repair: Cruven Crame
    Aircon work: Mang Mario
    ATF flushing: Autotechnika Fort
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Feb 2006
    bro ganito ginawa ko when I replaced the timing belt of my previous car. My car was a MIT LANCER. pumunta ako sa kasa at nagpatingin. humanap ako ng tiyempo at kinausap ko yung mismong mekaniko ng casa. binili namin lahat ng parts, belt, oil seals, and bearing tensioner sa labas ng kasa. lahat ng parts na nakuha namin are genuine parts. ginawa nya yung pagpapalit on a sunday nung sarado yung casa. lahat lahat 6,000 lang ginastos ko. kasama na dun yung pagpapalit ko ng lahat ng engine supports. hope you got an idea.

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    Aug 2005
    if I have $$$ I'll change them all. fluids timing belts etc..check other parts like bearings engine supports and oil seals..

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    Nov 2003
    you can prob wait till 80k for the major service

Timing belt, Fluids and others