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    Nov 2003
    hi guys, what does this mean? i posted same query sa ibang forum. was hoping to get lang more opinions regarding this matter before i bring it over for servicing. thanks!:D

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    Aug 2003
    medyo luma na ba sparkplugs mo? any oil/gunk on the sparkplugs?

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    Oct 2002
    kung carb engine mo masyadong rich yung setting.

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    Nov 2003
    mga pre, thanks sa reply. efi yung engine ko. is this really normal for a soon to be worned out plugs? ano po ba ibang possibilities ba't nagkaganito?

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    Aug 2004
    did u put the washers on spark plugs? coz if not those washers acts as sealants

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    Aug 2004
    kaw din ba si sweet_jocel sa ibang forum?

    pwede itong basehan mo.anu kulay ng tip ng spark plug mo? kung nandito sya sa mababanggit ko eto yung problem nya. check mo kung anu kulay pero not accurate:

    brownish grey color means you have a good air/fuel mixture.

    black color means youre running too rich. too much unburned fuel.

    too white or shiny gray means youre running too lean or little fuel and it may cause detonation.

    if you want to find if youre runnning whether youre running too rich or too lean you can use lambda meter to measure the a/f mixture.

Smell of gasoline in spark plugs