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    Oct 2002
    Here comes the rain again.

    Guys, I've been using Rain X and I find it effective. However, the wipers starts to chatter a bit whenever I put a new coat of Rain X. Is there something wrong in the way I apply it on the glass? I just followed the instructions.

    Are there any solutions better than Rain X?


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    Oct 2002
    i've been using rain x for years and the only time i had that chattering problem was when i did not clean the windshield enough before applying rain x. i suggest for you to clean the glass with 5% amonia solution, glass cleaner (the blue liquid, forgot the brand name) or with dish washing detergent. make sure you rub it down with a sponge to remove all the grime. guaranteed you will no longer have that problem.

    also consider changing your wipers from the ordinary rubber wipers to silicon wiper blades. i use silblade wipers (US made, P650 each when i bought them) but i saw some japanese ones selling for P260 each at shangrila shaw, yung car accessories shop dun sa 6th floor. guaranteed no skip, almost 3 years na like new pa din. only thing with the jap silicon wipers is that it only comes in one color, light blue, so baka di bagay sa color ng car mo.

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    Oct 2002
    ^^^ what he said ^^^

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    Oct 2002
    Great! Thanks guys.

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    Feb 2005
    Cleaning the rubber on your wiper blades with vinegar will also help a bit.

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    Jan 2003
    sbi nga rainx is great pero pag madumi winshield mo n nilagyan mo rainx,
    mag skip wiper mo

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    Oct 2003
    yebo, 650each wiper blade? so a pair would cost 1300? and colored black din yun?

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