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    Jul 2007
    I have 2 old school 88 Accord LXi (US Version) and an 88 Prelude Si (JPN version) with 4 wheel steering.

    I've been looking for shock absorbers for the Accord but no one here seems to carry the specific Kayaba, Tokico, Bilstein or Monroe shocks. The front springs too need to be changed since the former A20A3 PGM-FI was tossed out for a B16A which is quite nice actually (even if its equipped with the 4spd automatic tranny). You recommend that I should just refill the original shocks since they're fluid type or go into adapting the suspension? The closest one for the front end is for the 94 Civic Esi.

    As for the Prelude...I rescued it from the junk heap during an auction at the pier and put the car back into shape (its advertised for sale in the car finder in the event someone wants it...just taking a chance ). Anyway...anyone know where I can get a rack and pinon to fit this? The car is fine...drives ok but the steering is a bit stiff since I'm using the original on a "robotics" conversion (RHD to LHD).

    Need your help please dudes and dudettes. Your suggestions and recommendations will be most appreciated. I'm half way to my wits looking for the parts...even surplus will do.

    Why do I put up with the old schoolers? Something with the design of the drop-head which is sleek and unique.

    Thanks much. Hope to hear from any of you...

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    Aug 2004
    You might check with Honda Club Philippines (their own site... the members don't visit the one here that often...) they might be able to point you at suppliers.

    Otherwise, I don't know... I'm sure some of the speed shops can get you the parts, but only on back-order from Japan.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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