Hi Guys!

I'm driving a 06 Ford Focus 2.0 Petrol Sport - and for the past months Ive been having a predicament about my car. It's matagtag or has kalampag already. I find it stressful to drive due to the noise it creates when am hitting bumpy roads, and with the worst road condition in the world that Manila seemingly exudes to have, I got tired with it so I went online and checked Tsikot. After a few reads of mostly high praises with a very few thumbs down, I found CRUVEN.

So I went to cruven kamagong this morning, and they roadtest my car and the mechanic, ERICK, said my shock absorbers all cracked and irreparable, it must be replaced with the new one. He also said the ball joints and all that jazz needs repair. (I dont have any clue about cars - I just like to ride and drive them)

Anyway, the cost of the entire thing is Php 13,000. I was a little taken aback but what am I gonna do anyway? So I went on and agreed. They took it in and released it after 6 hours.

Long story short, I drove it out there and took it home only to realize that there are still "sounds/noise" i hear hitting bumps/potholes. Altho i feel the better ride, it feels very stable now, but im really still irked i could hear the noise its coming from the back area of my car, like the passenger seats and its back pa. Basta back area xia, ERICK the mechanic said it has nothing to do with the suspension anymore, he said its the interior. He said cruven dont do that and he told me to go to Ford instead. I dont wanna go there cause they might just charge me superhigh naman.

so guys do you know any shops preferably in or near makati that is known to fix this cabin noise problem? para kasing feeling ko pag nalulubak ako my car will just break into pieces all of a sudden (ofcourse in exaggeration, but am more of a speed driver rin kasi kaya walang lubak lubak sakin hehe )

naiingit ako sa car ni kuya (civic 07) sa tribute ni mom and sa chevy ng sister ko.. na kahit saang lubak, its very quiet and the cabin seems to be in "tact" kaya walang noise.