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    Aug 2004
    Just want to ask your opinion about this Iridium Spark Plugs? Is this safe for 97 Corolla?

    many thanks

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    Feb 2004
    welcome to tsikot Johannes

    don't know about the Corolla but I just replaced my stock NGKs with the Iridium plugs on our Samurai and it was a world of difference.
    while the stock plugs used to foul at idle or in traffic, the iridiums didn't. throttle response, in my opinion, seems better. I noticed that the NGKs would not fire properly when at extreme angles offroad cause the carb would run really rich. I haven't brought the car with iridiums offroad as yet but when testing them in the shop with a jack it never misfired or died on me.

    yun lang- big difference in price pero I think they are still on sale in Izuparts Pasay (where I got them) and you get a free cap or t-shirt pa to boot. IW16 costs 480 each. iba sa Corolla

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    Apr 2003
    safe... yes. if you get the right plug of course.
    merong corresponding plug naman yan. you're talking about denso plugs I suppose? Meron din nyan NGK. mas mabilis hanapin equivalent coz may -IX lang yung dulo. BKR5E would be BKR5E-IX.
    Sa denso, may chart sila nyan kung ano yung equivalent.

    they're supposed to last longer. If you replace yung ordinary every 5k, with the iridiums 15-20k ata. You wouldn't want to replace every 5k din naman kasi sobrang mahal.

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    Aug 2004
    many thanks Racerx

iridium spark plugs