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    Aug 2004

    This is my first post in Dati lurker lang ako.

    I have a green Honda Civic 1990 model (box type, imported from Japan, the first model Honda Phils sold here). It is 16 valve and the engine is still humming silently after 15 years! A testament to the good quality of Honda engines.

    However, my only "complaint" is that medyo mabigat na ang steering wheel and it has manual transmission.

    My questions:

    1) Magkano ba ang kung ipapa-convert ko to automatic from manual? Is this recommended? Hindi kaya masira naman ang kotse ko??? As of now kasi, it is running perfectly well. Di ba may kasabihan "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

    Kaya lang, ang traffic talaga dito sa Manila kaya sana matic na lang siya.

    2) Magkano naman kaya kung ipapa-convert ko to POWER STEERING from the present pawis-steering? Again, ano ba ang risks involved? Hindi kaya lalo lang masira ang kotse ko???


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    Oct 2002
    do you want to have a complete engine and transmission transplant or just the tranny?

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    Aug 2004
    Hi ghosthunter,

    I don't know much about cars, so I don't understand your question. Perhaps, the cheaper option will do. Basta safe and more chance of success.

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    Jul 2004
    maybe you can just sell it and buy a car with an automatic transmission and power steering so you don't have to do all those conversion. IMO lang to! kasi parang ang hirap gawin ng convert na yun! not so sure... maybe the others who have better knowledge can help you more.

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    Oct 2002
    with how much a 1990 civic is worth, i would guess that the cost of the modifications will be much more than selling your car and buying one with the options you like...maybe you can even buy a newer car with the money you will spend.

    i agree with glntvr

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    Jul 2004
    since ayos pa ang kotse mo, i say hwag mo na lang galawin. lalo na pagmatanda na, sometimes, pag ginalaw mo isang bagay, bigla magkakaproblema ang iba cuz of its age. and like they said, your expense will probably be a lot more than what your car is worth, so kung ako pagtyatyagaan ko na lang, at least ok pa sya after 15 years

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