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    Oct 2004
    thanks for the suggestions guys. any idea on how much it would cost me to have this chasis alignment done?

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    Nov 2003
    chassis alignment is 3500 to check. if you decide to have it done this fee is waived. rates could range from 10-30k depending on how crooked the chassis is and what needs to be replaced.

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    May 2004
    Ano ang cause ng ganitong problem? Para maiwasn mahal pala mag pa align....

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    Nov 2003
    normally kapag nababanga ka.

    pero it can also happen when the car is old and lagi ka nakapark sa di pantay (i.e. one side on the sidewalk and one side on the ground. )

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    Apr 2004
    anybody got the address of velocity motors? or directions? been looking for this for awhile na. thanks.

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    Nov 2003
    they're along shaw blvd. going to kalentong. corner of 9de pebrero.

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    Aug 2005
    My cousin is planning to go on a buy n sell business....planning to start with 1 car muna to test...any1 here know a good talyer na mura maningil???Paint jobs,tune-ups,etc... QC area din,lapit T.sora if meron..thanks a lot guys!!

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    Oct 2004
    RED 65 paintnix Auto Restoration
    158 Tandang Sora, Banlat Q.C. (Inside the Compound)
    Ask our exact location at P.Y. Hardware near Mindanao Ave. along Tandang Sora

    Body Repair & Painting, Custom Painting, Body Allignments, Panel Repairs, Panel Allignment, Auto Detailing, Electrical, Mechanical, Car Audio Set-up, General Upholstery, alot more stuff....

    Might be able to help you guys out? good luck on your future projects. we are always open to customizations and project cars. pimp it up! drag it down, DUB? CHoppeD!

    Eric (0917-8324321) RED 65

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    Oct 2005
    Guys,, help rin if somebody know where can I find shop which has a gadjet to
    to syncronize servo. according to mechanic only a computerized syncornizer can fix this servo for my ride lancer, para tumama ang timpla ng idling. I'm from cavite city

    appreciated you info

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    Nov 2003
    the servo is mechanical and normally gets the signal from the computer as to when to turn on/off. it's a plug and play affair when you replace it.

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