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    Apr 2004
    Guys, can you help me name the common problems for AE111 Corolla?

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    Aug 2004
    My dad's AE111 GLi has more than 200k on the odo and so far he hasn't reported any major problems. I drove it a few months ago and aside from minor engine vibrations I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. He religiously follows the casa maintenance schedule though.

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    Nov 2003
    hard to say what problems might occurr. paiba iba yan especially depending on how religiously the car is cared for.

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    Nov 2002
    One common problem of that car is that 'lutang effect' experienced during high speeds. Because of the vehicle's relatively high front ground clearance, there is too much lift once you go faster. You can somehow feel like driving on the clouds.

    One solution to this problem is to replace the stock springs with JDM Levin ones. The front should drop by around an inch, but better high-speed stability and feedback are guaranteed. :D

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    Oct 2002
    same thing that i experience with my AE111, feels like im driftin on clouds pag 140 above na speed ko....:D

Common problems for Corolla AE111