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    Jun 2004
    We have an old ford telstar, ayaw mag start ngayong maulan ano kaya yung problem?

    Here are some details:

    - carb engine, last month I cleaned the carb
    - the timing and idling have been corrected a few weeks back
    - the spark plugs were replaced around april of this year (however bec. the timing was advanced, the plugs may have fouled up or something)
    - the fuel filter was replaced around 3+ years ago (i'm thinking this may need to be changed also)
    - battery was replaced today, the old battery was 3+ years old and gave up
    - last month we had to tow the car with our other car to get it started, it took quite a while though
    - car is used only once to twice a week, travels about 100km a month only

    Ano kaya problem nito? moist lang kaya yung plugs or car? we will try and push start it tomorow. If that wont work we probably have to get a mechanic to replace the fuel filter.

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    Oct 2002
    moisture malamang sa dist cap.

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    Sep 2005
    telstar? it may be the spark plug tip coated with oil na.piston & rings need O/H same w/ my friend's telstar before hard starting in the morning.But i think there's some other cause.....

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    Jun 2005
    When you turn the key to start, what happened? What sounds do you hear?

    3 conditions must be met to ensure that your car would start quickly:
    1. Proper delivery of fuel
    2. Correct engine compression
    3. Precise spark timing.

    If there is no spark, trace the electric current from the spark plug to the battery until you locate the problem.

    For fuel delivery, trace the defect from the carburetor back to the fuel line.

    Proper compression depends on the mechanical condition of your engine. You would need an expert mechanic for this problem.

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    Jun 2004
    Na start namin yung car kahapon ng umaga, push start lang nga...

    Thanks sa mga replies, pa check ko na rin cguro sa mechanic...

    Saan pwede mag compression test somewhere south area? (Paranaque)

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    Sep 2005
    Baka naman sira ang starter motor mo?

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    Apr 2007
    almost the same problem with my 90 Nissan sentra hirap sya start sa morning need to push down the accelerator to 1500 to 2000 rpm pra mag init kung nde bababa yung rpm to 300 to 200 then wala na dead na..

    also after driving it for an hour. then park kna.. and left it mga ilan hours.. pag start mo na hirap na ulit sya ayaw umakyat rpm need to tapakan gas.. pero pag nag init na ok naman wla tirik...


    ive tried adjusting yung sa carburador yung minor and hangin.. maintain na ako to 650rpm.. but some times same problem ulit nangyayari..

    help .. do you think change ako spark plug? pa tune up ko nlang , sbay change oil.. do you think guys mag iimprove na sya? .. how much kya estimate nyo for those tune up and change oil .. .. MARAMING SALAMAT PO..

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