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    Jan 2004
    if lowering a car, would i need these things? nung una kasi, putol spring lang ako, nagtitipid. this time, i want to make it right. thanks in advance.

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    Jul 2006
    Depends on how low. Camber kit is usually good for fine adjustments. Pricey locally, but if you can source one abroad, that's good.

    Lowering springs can be pricey too, but well worth it. No compromise, and you can go back to original springs should you wish to.

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    Jan 2004
    thanks. nung nasa pinas kasi ako, putol springs lang eh.
    here in the US, i want to do it right. i just don't know kung ano-ano kelangan ko, plus i need to go to a shop that will do it right. dealership told me that this will void suspension warranty, so i guess i will try to go to some "performance" shop here in my area and see what happens. i wanted to buy the "materials" i need para labor na lang ang problema ko.

    car is 350z 05 GT
    staggered setup (factory) 18 front, 19 rear.
    planning to get tein springs to lower it a bit.

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    Oct 2002
    Sa U.S. usually DIY iyan (dahil sa mahal ng labor). There are suspension kits for the 350Z diba? They are designed to work as a set.

    As long as you don't slam it like crazy, you will still be in the normal range of camber adjustment.

    You can also use the stock swaybars.
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    Sep 2006
    tein springs sucks I had in on my 350z better get tanabe springs.
    get hothkis sway bars.
    No need for camber correction.
    You will feel the difference.

    btw,there's no such thing as 350z GT and factory 18f and 19r.

camber, sway bars and lowering springs...