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    May 2012
    mga sir can u recommend a belt dressing na pwede ko gamitin para mawala yung tunog sa may belt ng car ko....ae92 model ang car ko...minsan kasi pag bukas ko ng aircon may squeeking sound pero pag nagtagal nawawala din...

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    Oct 2012
    Higpitan mo lang yung belt sir, may mga balita delikado ang belt dressing kasi maaring mag cause ng cracks at baka mabali pa belt mo.

    Or kung damaged na yung belt mo, palitan mo na lang sir, mura lang naman.

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    May 2012
    salamat sa advice sir!!

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    May 2005
    Belt manufacturers don't recommend the use of dressings or other lubrication (ie. soap, etc..). These things may temporarily hide the noise but not will solve any underlying problems which is the cause of the noise in the first place.

    As the engine warms, the squeaking slowly disappears. This is natural.

    Pls. search youtube for "belt squeak or squeal". Lots of video to teach you to diagnose root cause of the noise.

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    Mar 2008
    yes po. higpitan lang. costs next to nothing, and lasts much longer than any other "remedies".
    as the engine and pulley warm, the metal expands, the belt becomes tighter, and the sound disappears. if you go into a flood and the belt gets wet, it will slip again until it dries..

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    Jul 2010
    Nadale na ko ng belt dressing na iyan nun newbie pa ko sa kotse. Nilagyan ko ng belt dressing yun belt ng air compressor. Yun pala stuckup yun bearing. Umikot yun buong casing ng bearing at nasira kaha ng compressor. Napagastos ako ng palit compressor at gastos na 10k parts and labor.

    Hwag mo rin basta higpitan ng todo at nasisira din bearing sa sobrang higpit. Check mo muna kung okay pa bearing bago higpitan ng normal tension lang.

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    Sep 2008
    for belt noise, try a drop of honey

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    Oct 2002
    IF the belt has noise:
    - Adjust if possible
    - Check/replace the belt (mura lang naman)
    - Check/replace the bearings involved or the tensioner.

    Belt dressing is a no-no as mentioned by others.

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    Aug 2011
    The use of belt dressing should be considered as temporary fix only, applying it when you get squeeks can minimize if not eliminate the sound. But you see that sound is an indication that the belt has already worn out. You can try to adjust it up to a certain point, at this stage better start saving for a replacement. Don't put grease in place of belt dressing too, I've seen some talyer do that - I would advice against it. Take care of your vehicle and your your vehicle would take care of you in return. :-)

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