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    Jul 2004
    i recently bought a second hand local gen2 paj. Since maganda kung everything is new for record keeping purposes, ano kaya recommended specs nyo ng gear oil . Pakispecify naman ng preferred brand. Patulong naman mga bossing! :help!:
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    Oct 2002
    try mo post sa diesel forum, im sure dami sagot agad.

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    Jun 2004
    check the owners manual. the specs are there. as far as i can remember the required specs are:

    GL4 rated
    SAE 75-90

    i'll double check my owners manual and get back to you later.

    most gasoline stations have SAE 90, GL4 gear oils. di lang yata hyphoid gear oil. for my rig i use mobil 1 fully synthetic SAE 75-90, Hyphoid, GL5 (or 6 yata) gear oil.

    castrol also has a good gear oil - castrol hypoy (SAE 90, mineral, GL 5 (or 6). you can get this in most reputable car accessory shops. price is around P400/liter last time i checked.

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    Jul 2004
    Thanks guys. Nawala daw yung manual kasi.

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    Nov 2004
    I wish to change gear oil.. alin ba ang mga dapat palitan sa Pajero 4d56tdic

    - Transmission
    - Transfer case
    - Front Axle
    - Rear Axle

    saka saan ba mura?

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    Nov 2003
    castrol protector series is what i use on my montero for the diff. ok naman.

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    basta "90" ung nakalagay sa spec, tamag yun, yung "140" msyadong malapot.

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    Nov 2004
    pwede ba DIY ito? i asked shell about replacing gear oil.. 170 per liter.. but forgot to ask kung hyphoid..

    if I buy the oil myself.. madali lang ba palita ito??


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    Jul 2004
    buhay pa pala thread na ito

    Pwede DIY. I've tried it though preferable na may katulong ka para may tumitingin sa ilalim kung umaapaw na yung oil. Ako kasi tagahawak ng hose at tagasalin ng oil sa bandang itaas

    Advisable din na medyo malaking hose ang gamitin kasi sa lapot ng oil (SAE 90) ang tagal bago bumaba. Maliit na hose kasi nagamit namin. Buti na lang mahaba ang pasensya nung nandun sa ilalim

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    Nov 2003
    tried out the royal purple max gear. much better than the castrol...

    for manual pajeros around 9 liters kung kasama lahat ng diffs and tranny.

ano recommended gear oil and differential oil sa gen2 paj