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    Nov 2002
    Well looks like we have a choice to move to Austin Texas.

    Any inputs from guys who live or used to live there?

    Like how's the weather kapag summer or winter? Any issues?

    how's the tax? real estate? schools? marae bang mga asian stores diyan?

    alang problema sa tuyo or tinapa? hehehe...

    Tsika naman kayo of anything under the sun about AUSTIN, TX...I need to make a decision if it's a good idea to move there from Cali.

    Thank you!

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    Nov 2006
    Austin is a very friendly city and it is not that crowded. It has a few Filipino stores around but not that plenty for tuyo or tinapa compared to California na there's a huge community of Filipinos but you may also try some other Asian stores/groceries. It has almost everything and you don't need to go far.

    Good luck to your new venture.

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    Nov 2002
    ayus...thanks man. I'm just curious about the weather but I guess compare sa Pinas ay ayos lang to.

    And besides I've read na iyong house and real estate ay mura lang and wala pang state income tax. So hopefully ay makaifon ng justo.

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    Jun 2007

    Austin is quite laid back. Not much to do compared sa Cali. I was in Austin for 2 years (Dell ako dati) and I have moved to Cali. Be prepared to miss Cali! Not a lot of pinoy stores. I know only two stores and that was it. Meron din asian store.

    Weather is extreme. Too hot during summers and too cold during winters. Walang snow but definitely they get icy roads during winters kaya ingat lang sa pag drive.

    Tax free ang state of texas. You only get to file federal tax during tax season. Cost of living is way less compared to any city here in Cali. For a 4 bedroom 2-storey house, it cost around $200K. Newly built pa yun. If you want to save Austin is definitely the place.

    Austin is right in the middle of Texas. Houston is 3 hours away and San Antonio around 1.5 hours by land.

    Good luck on the move.

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    May 2007
    You should be okey in Austin if traffic is your concern(for now) but not houston according to state highway and transportation official, houston is one of the worse gridlock in the nation. Just dont come here in L.A, Im tired and sick this gridlock here.

Any Input about Austin, Texas?