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    Nov 2006
    1st and foremost cefiros are 1 of the better cars available in our local market, infact business men / executives loves the car.. the low resale value is because of the "vicious cycle" mid size cars na naging luxury dito have like what our brother niky posted, and of course the ever famous late 80's early 90's old pinoy tag line / "kasabihan" w/c a relative involved in car buy n' sell buss. told me, " ah nissan ba kamo, mahal piyesa nyan! di gaya ng toyota kahit sa sari sari store ata meron mura pa!"

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    Dec 2002
    isn't 600 to 650 still high specially if it's gonna be 3rd hand? i was thinkin of offering 400 or will he laugh at me? hmmm..i'll get buy n sell first and gauge prices there

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    Oct 2002
    Biruin mo sa Php400k baka naman pumayag.

    Yung mga '97 Classic na M/T may makukuha ka sa Php230k.
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    Dec 2002
    cge, i'll try 400 hehehe, hope says

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    Jul 2005
    kaibigan ba kamo? umpisahan mo sa 350K. 2 weeks or so ago, may binebentang 01 cefiro elite sa classified for 450K. wala pang tawad. A/T, sunroof, blue, 61t kms., leather seats.

    model 2000 are going for close to 300K or so. so check the classifieds first to get a better feel for the price.

    pero syempre, depende pa rin sa condition ng unit...

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    Dec 2002
    wow, really? 00 and 01 elite's same body na? thanks for the advice! better check classifieds

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    Nov 2002
    mga 400-450K....

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    Aug 2004
    ask him first kung magkano asking price nya...

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    Jun 2006
    Was a former Cefiro owner. Car was a 01 Classic model, no sunroof with 93,000+ kms. Car was a hand me down from my dad then my brother to me.

    It was not well maintained when it was given to me. Engine was in good condition but ABS module (135K) was shot, front suspension needed repairs and it needed a new paint job. There are replacement parts available in Banawe. Unfortunatly, no replacement for ABS. You can have your regular maintenance done outside of CASA. The engine was very nice, quiet, powerfull and refined. It has a timing chain so no need to replace. Fuel consumption was at 5 km/l city and 9-10 km/l highway, it needs 95 octane. I was spending P500 a day on gas. Good car but expensive to run mainly bec of the fuel consumption. Sold it for 250K to a buy and sell guy.

    If the ABS module did not need replacement, I would have kept the car. I was planning on converting it to lpg to save on fuel cost.

    Ask your friend to sell it to you for 350 to 400K.

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    Dec 2002
    135k for a abs module! thats more than half the price you sold the car for! is it a important part? will the car brake well w/o it? is it something i can live w/o in the event it breaks down on me?

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Why the Cefiro has low resale value?