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    Nov 2011
    Need your inputs and I experienced these symptoms on my car Series3 -95 A/T.
    > Having hard time to start occasionally, already overhaul my starter, change solenoid , checked with different car electrical expect they confirmed its still ok.

    > Did tune-up, clean some connectors and harnest the wire and clean fuel filter.

    > Just now i heard something on my hood and found its coming crank near the timing chain area.

    Hope to hear your advise if you experience these symptoms as well and how to diagnose and fix.

    Thanks a lot

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    Sep 2007
    When you say having a hard time starting may redondo ba? If meron try mo check yung fuel supply baka sakal na fuel filter mo. If wala naman redondo check mo yung AT lever mo kung may play at baka di lang tumatama ng ayos sa sensor kaya ayaw start.

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    Nov 2011
    Thanks Boss Bin Diesel!
    May redondo boss kaso ayaw tumuloy ..considering bago palang din battery ko 4mons old
    I try ko i pa check yung fuel supply.. as mentioned mo.. salamat boss

Sentra Series 3 '95 starting problem